Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pining For Pinterest (and other stories)

I'm sending out an emergency distress signal and I'm hoping someone can help. Pinterest bookmark button doesn't work any more! A few updates to my laptop..and I can no longer pin. No pinning? That's kind of a pain.

Or is it? I can repin from inside Pinterest itself; but I like to go back and pick up the original source as often as I can, so that the originator of the inspiration gets a blog hit and a browse. So, no pinning this week and that means I've been thinking more about inspirational blogs and about what makes me want to linger. After all, without blogging, there would be nothing to pin. Or, at least, not a lot. Not a lot at all. If you were away on a bloggers or scrappers weekend last week, maybe you could let me know if it's something you talked about? What brings you back?

I like (in no particular order and not always at the same time)

- a pretty picture with an eye catching colour or an editing choice which makes me wish I'd thought of it. Something to bring a bit of cheer on a dark day.

- closely connected to close ups of craft projects, so that I feel I could reach out and touch..ruffly silk, knotted threads, roughed up paper, twinkly sequins..all of it. I started to blog because of scrapbooking, and looking at layouts is what I love, but I'm happy with any "make" if I can see the details.

- a quick quote or thought which makes me think or gives me an idea or a boost or which affirms something  I already believe

quotes from "The Week" magazine

- a bit of news about what my favourite bloggers are up to. I've been challenging myself to pick a book I like the sound of and see how little I can pay for a second hand copy on Amazon. And when I say "little" I mean £1 or £2, no more. UK readers, did you realise that postage for second hand books from the US is often only a couple of pounds? I didn't; and now I'm hooked. I'm interested in seasonal scrapbooking at the minute, so I bought a copy of  Elizabeth Dillow's The Scrapbooker's Almanac for 60p. It came from a library in Massachusetts, already classified, so that, when I've finished reading I can do a bit of shelving. Oh, yes.

- a link, a hint, a tip, something to take with me: My Pinterest related tip for today - upload a photo to your blog, click on it, click on properties and in the second box "alt text" add the text you would like to see appear when someone pins your picture. Yes, pinners can delete it and add their own text if they wish, but most don't bother. It's a chance to describe your picture or post the way you'want to.

- a little bit of real life, honesty or humour, or both. Because we all like to relate, don't we? A reminder that, at the end of it all, we're all just trying to live life the best way we know how. Humour? I'm not feeling very funny today. Honesty? Because we're still stressing out over exam marks here. Real life? Not everything goes the way you want it. History tests, History scores..who needs them?

Well, whaddya know, seems like Thinking Out Loud might be back. How's your list? Anything I've missed out? 


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm sure I read somewhere that Pinterest had updated the pin it button and a few people were having problems. I think the answer for them was to install the newer version. Hope it's as simple as that if you haven't already tried it.

Unknown said...

Funnily enough I have just clicked over to my reader from pinterest as I am still on retreat and I am having an indulgent hour or two, (maybe it's three). I am more likely to browse pinterest itself rather than blog hop around, and I take your point, its more authentic your way.

I hope the testing and challenges are done with quickly and life is turning your way again.

I have been thinking about my blogging and what updates and changes I want to make as I haven't been loving my blogging recently. Now i'm thinking out loud, it's a good thing.

The Pin pin? Have you re-installed it in your browser. I say that as if I know about such things!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Hope you get the pin button sorted soon if it's causing you distress!! I myself haven't really got the pinterest bug...I just pop by now & then!! I loved reading your thoughts today & am pretty much attracted to similar stuff...especially a good quote & a 'touch me' kind of craft photo!! TFS :D

Jennifer Grace said...

Ooh, thanks for the tip about altering text on a blog photo for Pinterest text - I did not know this! I have just tried it out and am suitably impressed!

I'll be honest, for me it's mainly photos that keep me at a blog. Whether it's pictures of projects or photos of family time, I'm a very visual person and the photos will pull me in more than the text these days. Blogs that have photos in poor lighting or too small won't hold my attention - I'll still read a post but I wouldn't poke around to see more! x

Susanne said...

I add my thanks for the alt text tip - I had noticed people had done that but not yet taken the time to figure out how. What keeps me coming back are much the same things - pretty pages with a closeup or two and a single tip on how to scrap is always a memorable bonus, interesting stories, everyday moments reflecting a mix of the good and the bad - I'm an optimist so I admit to shying away from too much bad news. But the number one rule I have to reading posts in my Reader is that there is an interesting picture of any type near the start and I can read the whole post without clicking through. I hear there is a way to get even truncated posts to show in my Reader but that too is something I have yet to research. I think all us bloggers need to make it both interesting and easy for our readers!

Louise said...

i had noticed the pin button wasn't working a couple of night ago. Thought it was me and hoped it would rectify itself as i am hopeless when something goes wrong.

Thanks for the text tip - I didn't know that either xx

Dawn said...

I've been having problems with the pin it button too, off to get the new version! Love the tip!

Alana said...

The pin button has never worked for me Sian I'm still doing it the old fashioned way of copy and paste:( Anywho.....blogs? Pretty, clear photos, close ups, scrumptious textures, lots of colour, a story however small....not too long please, life musings, snippets of news, inspired ideas, a heartfelt post and a pinch of humour....In reality I can't really say what I like and why....I just does:)

Beverly said...

Thanks so much for the alt text tip! I am much less likely to hang with a blog that doesn't use photos. The pictures draw me in and make me feel more connected I guess.

Jennifer Shaw said...

Loved reading your list of what you enjoy in a post. I agree that I like to read a bit of the everyday stuff about fellow bloggers. It makes me feel connected to this huge world when someone in a totally far off part of the world is experiencing something that I relate to. Gives me a great sense of community.

Sian said...

Yes! Thanks to Angelfish I can now pin with impunity again..sometimes a simple fix is the right one, so thank you. Hope it works for everyone else too

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Glad to be of help :o) I didn't actually answer your main question. I only had time for a short reply and I figured you would be keener to hear my thoughts on Pinterest! What draws me to a blog? It can be all sorts of different things, but I'm most likely to click through from Google Reader and comment, if I feel I have a connection with the post or the person who wrote it.
Fiona x

Alison said...

I have to say I like a picture or two on a blogpost!
alison xx

Amy said...

This is essay writing material if you ask me - but I won't, for all our sakes!

I bought Elizabeth Dillow's book when it was first released, hers is one of the first blogs I started to read regularly and I still pop by every week or so.

Blogs that get a second glance have interesting photos with strong composition and clear focus - blurry photos are a big turn off for me. Same goes for photographing layouts.

I also like stories. I don't mind long or short, as long as the long ones are spaced with photos or other such things .... paragraphs would do!

I like a clear blog space, not too much clutter. I prefer entertainment over instruction, but enjoy instruction - just not as the every day focus.

I like a good mix of subject matter. Blogging allows for more depth and personality than other forms of social media and that's why I like it - I want to develop a relationship with the author ... sounds creepy when said like that but I think you might have an inkling of what I mean.

There's more - but that will do for off the top of my head.

Sandra said...

My problem is I blog read from my iPad, and pinning is a nightmare directly from blogs

Carmen Wing said...

I'm so glad I stopped by for a catch up today Sian. Every reason you've
Listed here goes for me too. I've actually been pondering stopping my more 'me' posts - you know like Rocking Friday, maybe setting up another blog for those in case people don't really want to be seeing that. I think I have a blog crisis every year, my version of a spring clean :-) I don't think I will though... Am far to lazy to keep up two blogs!

Thank you from me too for that picture tip :-)

Amy said...

I had to come back as I was having a conversation with you in my head while I was hanging out the washing!

I think there is a niche for whatever style of blogging you like. However I do find that Lifestyle bloggers tend to want to advertise and have sponsored posts more than craft bloggers. I don't mind advertising but I can't stand sponsored posts - blogs are a 'have a chat' type thing for me, not another avenue for having an agenda rammed down my throat.

I am drawn to a blogger who is inclusive, conversational and entertaining.

Alright, I have other things to do now ... actually, I am heading to the library!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm a little surprised Amy ever comes to my blog....blurry photos being common place!!!
I'm definately drawn in by the photos and what they contain...but like a little bit of real life and humour as well.
Interestingly I don't only pin from blogs....but other types of websites as well....sadly I discovered today that you can't pin direct from Facebook [which I s'pose is typical of FB!!]

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I loved this post, Sian! So entertaining and full of some great tidbits of info. I will definitely use the alt text feature for some of my photos!

I really need to tidy up my Pinterest boards, and even add a few. I started out with pinning craft projects/sewing patterns/food items, but I'd really like to add one for quotes and home decor. Thanks for the great inspiration!

Jo said...

I'm glad you managed to get your pin button working again. I also love quotes and anything that makes me laugh :)

alexa said...

Glad you have got the Pin button sorted out now. Lots of thoughtful things in here which, as Amy said, could furnish a wealth of blog posts! I am attracted to posts with pretty photos and a bit of sharing about anything really - I enjoy how varied and different our lives are in different parts of the world so I like to understand where the writer is anchored and their context. Very long posts I find hard to read if they contain a lot of densely packed information. Hoping the history stress abates - the A level year is so very taxing for parents also!

Linda said...

Love this post Sian! You've summed up nicely what I like about blogs. I do love a bit of real life, mainly because I'm so nosey LOL!

Barbara Eads said...

Pinterest can certainly make the time fly. I try to limit myself when I'm browsing there. Really, that applies to blogs too. I can spend hours browsing through my favorites. Still, I learn so much---I don't know what I would do without them!

Jimjams said...

Glad the Pin It button is sorted - aren't blog friends great!

I hate truncated blog posts in my reader - if time is short I'm not clicking through just in case the sneak peek is worth a look - marked as read with never a second look!
Sometimes I read but have no time to comment - I'll mark the best posts (photo, well paragraphed text, entertaining/interesting) to come back to when time allows.

Melissa said...

I agree that all of these things makes for good blog posts. I really enjoying getting crafty inspiration from bloggers who I've also come to know through bits & pieces about their life & other news along the way.

Karen said...

Amy summed it up for me.

One of the things that bothers me the most is very cluttered, busy blog designs. They distract from the content, and I'm less likely to return for another visit. I visit lots of blogs where I rarely comment, mostly card design blogs and photography blogs. I try not to miss any posts from my little circle of blogging friends, and I always try to comment there.

I do some pinning, and have lots of boards, but only go to Pinterest a couple of times a month because it gets so time-consuming! I'd never get any creating done!

Unknown said...

I like blogs that speak the truth from their point of view (I don't have to agree to appreciate it).
I love real life mixed in with the crafting.
I don't like many blogs where the author is on DTs for multiple companies, as I often feel like they are constantly pushing products. Being on a DT would be GREAT, but when every post is politically correct and sterile, I get bored.
I love quirkyness!
I love this blog :-)

Lisa-Jane said...

It definitely has to be something that resonates with me in some way or I won't bother going back - time is too precious!

Hope all the exam stress clears off ASAP. xx

debs14 said...

Lots to think about with this post today! I've neglected pinterest for a little while, but when the birthday fairies bring me my ipad this week, I think it's safe to say there'll be much pinning a-happening!
Exam stress is the worst because it is absolutely and totally out of your control. I was carrying the boxes with the results envelopes into the hall on Thursday and the sixth formers were queuing up outside and nervously chattering. I got the boxes in position then went back to the exams office to pick up some boxes of tissues (some people were likely to need them) as I walked back along the corridor someone saw what I was carrying and cried out 'oh my goodness, look, they're providing tissues - it's going to be REALLY bad ...'

Missus Wookie said...

I don't do Pintrest just decided that I don't have time at the moment... haven't done several other things that I'd like to - if I could just organise a few more spare hours. Perhaps next year?

I started to blog to have somewhere to put photos and stories for friends/family to read, plus to record the bits and pieces of our days. Still do blog mainly for that - also love finding out and sharing with new friends from cyberland.

What attracts me to read - like so many I read a variety of blogs for a variety of reasons. Some for education and professional bits, some for inspiration, most though are 'friends' new and old to keep up with news, definitely a nice chat with a cuppa idea rather than adverts or sponsored posts. The couple of friends who have gone that route I now skip those or have stopped visiting.

Interesting musing - thanks for that whilst drinking my smoothie in this quiet pause this morning.

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