Monday, 6 July 2015

Me On Monday

It was the weekend of the Tall Ships. A weekend of sailor jokes and looking forward to our own ocean voyage. A weekend of wondering about traffic delays and then finding a great parking spot; of hoping the rain would stay away and then finding some late Saturday evening sunshine to discover by.

The Tall Ships Race has stopped here before; but its return is always eagerly anticipated by a city which loves to throw a heart welcome party. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. We queued to get onto the ships, we took pictures, we talked about our own trip. 

I've counted my Kroner and I've set aside my holiday notebook. It's ready to go now that I've carefully copied into it the list for Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. It wouldn't be summer without it! I've been watching the entries pop up blog-wide and I've been getting twitchy. Because every year I save up my list to complete all at once while I'm travelling; and every year, round about now, my nerve starts to fail me and I think maybe I'll just tick off one or two before I go..

...which is the frame of mind I'm in today. Me On Monday: making a start with the last item on the list

#21 a photo of me holding a sign marking the 2015 hunt

You can find the full list over at Rinda's. She'd love to see you and you might like to share your finds on instagram, or Facebook or on your blog. Couldn't be simpler! It's a good way to start the week.

Last week Louise, Helena, Ladkyis, Jane, Becky, Deb, Eileen, Ruth, Karen, Sheena, Mary-Lou, Mardi, Karen, Gail,  Julia and Alison gave us a wave. Happy Monday to you, and to all of you. Have a good week.

Oh,and if you'd like to do a Monday post yourself I'd love to come and give you a wave too. Just let me know where you are and I'll be there!

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Sock Notebook Goes Travelling has made its way over to the Gossamer Blue blog, for my first post there. I had fun searching out a few new sock quotes

and recording my latest finished pairs. Or singles. That blue one still needs a mate!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July at Gossamer Blue

If it's the first of the month (July! Wow!) then it's Reveal Day at Gossamer Blue. And that means I'm happy to be able to show two new pages today. When I opened the box I was lost for words (and you know that doesn't happen very often): there are so many different ways you can take these kits and still have a nicely coordinated look. 

Both of these layouts are smaller sized: 8.5x11, which is what is feeling right and do-able at the minute. Oh, go on, then: I'll admit it. This first one actually started out as 12x12

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

I've been building pages on the smaller cardstock - partly because I can fit it in the typewriter and I'm liking a clean typewritten look at the minute - and then deciding how to mount it. I can go large with a full sheet of patterned paper, or add a simple border and stay small. Rain on the Parade started out big (and without the yellow stars); but at the last minute I chopped a slice off and added the Disney magic of stars, as a border and on the page in the form of that little stamp (from the Life Pages stamp set). You have to have stars on a Disney page. There's probably a rule about it. That tiny yellow arrow? it's covering a typo. But won't know unless I tell you. Oh..

My second page didn't need quite so many last minute adjustments. The Start of the L began with the big letter L (main kit add on)

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

and that Evalicious Flair badge, which is probably one of my favourite pieces this month. And what are we marking here in 2015? Another Learner Driver on the road. She's not sure about the whole idea: but she'll do it. I'll make sure of that. 

Some of my other picks for July are those Journey Wood alphas from Crate Paper in the main kit (very versatile. They will be appearing again)

 the Evalicious puffy stickers (also in the main kit)

and the Life Pages cards which I've been using to layer behind photos. Lovely, lovely things. Gossamer Blue.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Me On Monday

It was a weekend of starting to think about the summer holidays. So that means a weekend of assessing shorts sizes and stocks of suncream. And raincoats. Considering raincoats.  Along with a Saturday morning in the bookshop for what is one of my favourite activities of the year: the holiday reading list expedition. Yes: we love easy fix Amazon; but how do I know what I want to read on holiday if I can't hold it in my hand first? 

It was also..

...a coffee cake baking, blue door painting, white sneaker buying (should have got the navy, more practical, but white? I want summery, I want fresh), Glastonbury watching, wallpaper browsing (but not buying), new sock starting kind of weekend. And there was time for a few calls to Little E to see how his foot is mending. Slowly is the answer: he has another new cast on. But! exciting day! There is a new puppy in Little E's house. Yes: his  mum has her hands full..

And finally, yesterday it turned into a work very hard in Granny's garden kind of a weekend. Which means it's a bit of a feeling quite stiff and stung sort of a Monday. If only I could break into my book pile early..

We're not off just yet, so I'll be Mondaying again next week

Last time Louise, Mary-Lou, Deb, Eileen, Jane, Gail, Susanne, Jo, Karen, Sheena, Ladkyis, Alison, Barbara and Liz gave us a wave. I'm waving back, wishing you a good start to your week. Have a great Monday! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Gossamer Blue July Sneaks

I'm sneaking today!

It's creeping closer to the end of the month and that means there has been some feverish activity High In The Sky as I make pages with the beautiful Gossamer Blue July kits. So far they're looking a bit like this...

But I don't think I'm finished yet. They're too tempting...

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