Monday, 30 November 2015

Me On Monday

...after not being out of the house since Thursday? Not a lot to report, then, apart from a very unglamorous but deeply debilitating return of last month's sinus infection.The details haven't improved any; the antibiotics have worsened; and I realised that I'd reached a new low on Saturday night, when I tried to get out of bed and put my foot into a bowl of half eaten chicken stir fry. It was that time of a Saturday evening, after a day of lying round, when my foot was particularly receptive to a handful of red pepper and some noodles; because I was at that point - you know- head too sore to read, can't sit up, can't lie down, when you cast about for things to do and you find the handcream on the bedside table, so you handcream your hands; and then - because it seems like a good idea at the time - you handcream your feet too...

So I got up on Sunday; and did nothing again, but in a less dangerous place. I put on an old tracksuit bottoms, baggy sweatshirt combo, which The (Not So) Small One intimated should be be taken out into the garden and burned. I'm still wearing it now, though, so I'm not offering a picture. I'm just inviting you to use your imaginations..

More very soon, I hope. I'll certainly be back with my Gossamer Blue December pages tomorrow, because they are all ready to go; and I'd love to get some Christmas cards made, and a few pages of my December Memories album done. Until then, there is always socks:

I hope everyone who was celebrating had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that you are all looking forward to the start of December. Have a great week!

Louise H, Helena, Eileen, Maggie, Deb, Ruth, Mitra, Fiona, Barbara, Mary-Lou, Julia, Sheena, Sandra, LindaRinda, Krafty Karen and Alison were our Mondayers last week. Give 'em a wave! We're all very happy to have you join us if you'd like. Leave me a comment - something cheery! - and I'll be over just as soon as I can. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Me On Monday

It was a look up Great Grannie's recipe and measure and mix and stir and boil up the Christmas pudding weekend. A visit the Continental Market without buying a single thing weekend. A make a trip to the craft shop to choose some card blanks for Christmas cards weekend. A getting home and laughing at myself for buying a box of ready made cards in the next shop weekend. A You'll be home on the 19th? Hurray! weekend. Definitely a weekend of starting to make plans.

The highlight, after the glorious smell of orange peel and all other things Christmas pudding throughout the house, was the Narnia themed Craft Fair

The organisers had worked to create Narnia magic everywhere we looked. There were old wardrobe doors on either side of the entrance, and fur coats to push through to get in, and a lamp to gasp at, before the room opened up into a sparkling, candlelit burrow of Christmas treats. There was an armchair for Mr Tumnus, and there, a glass dish of Turkish Delight; and over there was Aslan himself. It was a lot of fun. I tried to take pictures; though part of me felt I should be simply enjoying it: in a visiting Santa's Workshop kind of way: remember? standing in the queue? admiring the decorations?  That's me in the mirror, with my brown paper bag of sock wool: yes! this Craft Fair had everything I needed for a good time! 

Home to knit, then, and fill in a few scribbled notes beside names in my Christmas Present Notebook. Oh, but I'd better not say too much more about that; so I'll give you a Monday morning wave and wish you all the best for your week. I hope it has a little magic in there somewhere.

Louise, Deb, Ruth, Helena, Sandra, Linda, Mary-Lou, Ladkyis, Karen, Maggie, Eileen, Barbara, KraftyKaren, Fiona, Mitra, Alexa, SheenaGail and Julia were our Mondayers last week. Follow the links to give 'em a wave!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

December Sneaks From Gossamer Blue

December sneaks already? It's clear the postman is getting ready for the big rush because my beautiful box of Gossamer Blue inspiration arrived in record time this month. I've had a lot of fun with December's kits:

Anticipation:  "that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself"  Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility 
More soon! Oh, and Gossamer Blue is having a pre Black Friday Sale this weekend. 30% off everything (including the first month of a new subscription). Might be worth a look..

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thinking About December Memories

Last night I had a dream of Christmas: of sturdy white boxes under the tree. Tied with red ribbon they were, and when we opened one we discovered it was filled with old photographs.

So you can probably tell that I have a Christmas album on my mind. Yesterday I finally got twenty minutes to make a start and I worked on a quick front cover...

This year I have a beautiful December Memories kit from Gossamer Blue; and included in it is this Simple Stories 6x8 album. At first I was going to leave the Kraft cover in its natural state: but I've been painting on pages recently, so I grabbed a brush and added some white and then I pulled out the numbers from the Pink Paislee Countdown box and toned them down a bit too. I'm delighted with the way it turned out and I'm looking forward to filling it now. It's going to be a special gift album for our girl, who is, as you might have guessed by now, in her last year at school.

There is a December Memories class along with the Gossamer Blue kit (and you can also buy it separately). It's two month's worth of lessons, so I've been enjoying the suggestions already. But I do also have a plan for my book. I want that girl of ours to remember what will be, all being well, her last Christmas "at home". And I want her to remember all the Christmasses before this one: all her favourite bits, all our favourites too, what she said, what we thought. 

I've made a little list to work through:

Better to plan ahead a bit, I thought, instead of sitting down each day wondering what to write about. It's not set in stone (or even Royal Icing, though I could go for a slice of snowy peak covered Christmas Cake right now..): if I think of anything else I'll add it in as I go. And of course I'm going to leave a few pages at the end for her to use as she wishes. I'm not daft: I know perfectly well that my Mum didn't hear about the half of what I'd choose to remember of my last Christmas at school (or maybe she did, but wisely chose to keep quiet? There's a grown up kind of thought..)

Anyway: let's see how many days we are in before she realises what I'm up to; though doesn't have to be a surprise. I'm happy to have her contributions as we go

More to come. Oh, and if you are looking for further ideas for an album of your own, Get It Scrapped has a December Story class and here is the video to tell you all about it. Are you making a Christmas album this year?

Monday, 16 November 2015

Me On Monday

It was a weekend of ordinary activities washed over with extraordinary events. For what else is there we can do except keep trying to live our good lives?

A subdued weekend, then. Close to home. A list making, first trawl round the Christmas shops without the kids (yes, we still do that) weekend. A knee socks take longer to knit than ankle socks weekend. A does anyone actually understand what's happening in Homeland? weekend. A weekend of wind and high rivers, of floods and impassable roads. 

And then it was the weekend of the new laptop. I don't know about your house; but here, when there is something of the technological kind to be acquired, it goes a bit like this:

We sit round for days, talking about it. We pile into the car and head to the shops. We stand in the shop, confused, and when the salesman asks if he can help, I open my mouth to say "we would like.."  but before I manage it, my other half says "we're just looking, thanks." I spend the next ten minutes trying to re-attract the attention of said salesman. He talks to us. I start to say "I think I'd like.." but I'm beaten to it by the man saying "Okay. We'll go away and think about it, thanks". So we go away, We find ourselves at home again, doing more talking. We end up in a different shop, ordering something completely different, usually at the suggestion of a teenager who knows what she's talking about. 

So now I'm waiting for a new laptop to arrive. If I disappear sometime over the next week, you'll know why. Keep your fingers crossed it's here before the old one finally refuses to turn on for good!

Today? Today I'm measuring:

We have one room in our house which JK Rowling might call The Room Of Evolvement. It's where ancient furniture goes to die and where medium-ly old furniture goes to be considered, where we keep things tenants don't want, and things they might like and sometimes ask for. It's a constantly moving stock room of pieces which get steamed, cleaned, painted, or pensioned off. I'm looking for space for a set of bookshelves due to arrive soon. It's bookshelves; so of course I'm going to find room. But, since that desk left, I've also had in mind a new spot for taking photos, in front of the window, if I can keep the radiator out of shot. I've grabbed a spare coffee table (always one or two around) and started to play with some of my Christmas album things. It might work. It's somewhere with a little light, and that's hard to find on this side of the house.

And I think that's where we came in today, isn't it? Looking for light. I hope you find some in your week! If you'd like to pass it round, please give last week's Mondayers a wave. They are:

  Sandie, Deb, Ruth, Helena, Sandra, Eileen, Mitra, Mary-Lou, Fiona, Louise H, Linda, Louise, Karen, Liz, Ladkyis, Julia, Sheena, Maggie and Gail

Have a good one!

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