Saturday, 29 August 2015

To Cluster? Or Not to Cluster?

Today it's my turn on the Gossamer Blue blog, and you'll find me here talking a little about how I chose the embellishments for this new page:

From High In The Sky for Gossamer BLue

and for this one:

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

using diecuts and ephemera pieces from the August kits.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

September Sneaks from Gossamer Blue

I have some sneaks today from my pages with the upcoming Gossamer Blue September kits. The colours this month are so lovely! We're all agreed on that here. I wasn't the only one oohing and aahing when I opened the box:

There are the new season's collections to enjoy...hint... I WONDER what else I'll make?

Monday, 24 August 2015

Me On Monday

Me on Monday? I'm looking back to Sunday and a much happier weekend than of late. With Granny home from hospital we were able to stay in one place and open the door to welcome my blogging friend, Alexa:

No, wait: there's a more smiley picture here:

And did I say blogging friend? She's much more than that. I met Alexa through a scrapbooking forum before either of us ever thought of beginning to blog - would it be maybe seven years ago now? - and her friendship ever since has been a constant source of delight. She is one of the nicest, most intuitively kind, outrageously talented people I know. And she has twinkly eyes. Her blog, Trimming the Sails, is here and it's stuffed with beautiful, chic scrapbook pages, photography, digital templates, thoughtful writing..)

Alexa was in town on a mission to catch up with family and friends, so we were delighted that she was able to find us and spend a very happy hour sitting round our kitchen table. It definitely wasn't long enough! Come back soon Alexa!

So, a we really do need to tidy up before she gets here weekend. A let's write her a card weekend. "Granny's on the phone again, Mum, you can tell she's feeling better" weekend. A Little E: is that you with the hole where your tooth used to be weekend? A no time for a driving lesson weekend. A trip to see the Youth Orchestra weekend. A back to normal weekend. With added Alexa. A good one.

Last week Becky, Sandra, Helena, Deb, Barbara, Gail, Susanne, Mary-Lou, Karen, Ladkyis, Julia, FionaSheenaJo and Louise gave us a wave, wished us a good Monday and shared a bit about how they were ready for the week ahead. And now it's time to do it all over again. I hope you find something nice along the way.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer's Swansong: A Random Friday Post

There's a school uniform being put on here as I write. I can hear the banging of drawers as she tries to find all the right bits. So I guess that's the sound of the end of the summer,then. There'll be a few more days of freedom next week; but today's afternoon Sixth Form meeting is a signal that the end is near.

So I'm sitting here looking through the last few pages of my Dangerous Notebook, the one in which I scribble my ideas for blog posts and pages and I'm seeing a few oddments of summer chat which I should share now before it's too late.

I have

- A page title and plan I haven't got round to: When Good Traffic Goes Bad about the lengths we went to amusing ourselves as we drove back up England. "Guess what's in that Poundstretcher Lorry" was a low point.

- A layout which made me gulp:

This one was published in Scrap365 way back when. But it never made its way here; and, when I found it the other day, I a difference. That's four years ago. That's why we scrapbook. It was, I think, published in an article on quick-to-make pages: a couple of pictures, a few strips of patterned paper to anchor them, and a big title which does double duty as journaling. I might try that again, soon.

- Quote of the holiday: "I've added all the places we are going to into the weather app on my phone. Big mistake." 

- Second best quote of the holiday (thank you the Ship's Captain's Grandmother) "There's just enough blue sky up there to make a sailor a pair of trousers." 

- A little snatch of a story..
"So do we have an emergency plan in place?" asked The (Not So) Small One, as she watched her brother lift a sack of charcoal and haul it towards the garden. "I mean in case of an, you know..emergency.."

"We'll have to trust him, " I said. " We'll just have to trust him and believe that he understands that if the shed goes on fire, he'll have to paint it. All over again."

His head popped round the door. This is my BBQ. My rules." he said. "So you have five minutes to put in your orders before I go to the butchers and buy...whatever I want. Big style. Today," he said happily as he lifted his car keys from the kitchen table, " has the air of Anything Can Happen Thursday."

And's that me for today. A little bit of everything? Maybe I should have called it Anything Can Happen Friday? Go on..if you haven't posted for a while..make it happen..

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Looks Like Me: Scrapbooking a School Story

Over the  holidays the big kids here have been taking a step back, slipping into the easy routine of summers when they had all the time in the world for whatever they wanted to do: card games, reading, Playstation, at a push. The Playstation works on the really big, ancient tv on the top floor. It's so old that its buttons make a satisfying clunk when pressed.

"That's the sound of childhood," The (Not So) Small One said, turning it off. "It reminds me of school television and the novelty of tv instead of timetables."

And just as she said that I got a flashback to my own school tv sessions: the closed curtains, because watching tv in the dark was bad for your eyes (or so they said in the 70's), the huge trolley the tv called home, and me, wishing I had a bag over my head so that no one would see the little girl who looked like me

From High In The Sky for Get It Scrapped

I'm not sure who noticed her first, or maybe it was everyone, all at once, the very moment she appeared. She was in the audience, one of the children picked to watch the singing programme we saw once a week, in the dark, with our legs crossed and our arms folded.

Or, sat there that way until she appeared, and then they all broke free to turn round and look at me. She had the same high ponytail, the same bow, the same glasses, and I could slid over the truth here and say her smile looked nothing like mine, but that would be wrong. She did smile in a Sian kind of way and everybody saw it, every week, all year. Even my own Mum, watching at home with my little brother and sister, could see. She didn't have an original child at all, not the only one in the world, there was another.

And maybe she's out there still. I wonder, where is she now? Might we still be mistaken for twins? Does she have contact lenses and regular visits to the hairdressers? Or did the wind blow a different way for her? maybe she became a six foot tall jet setting super model. I hope she's alright. And that she still remembers all the words to Streets Of Laredo. Just like me.

This page was made for the Get It Scrapped article Scrapbook Ideas and Techniques for Relaxed Geometry Elements
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