Monday, 2 March 2015

Me On Monday

It was a making space kind of a weekend. And, as we discovered, space can be made in any number of ways.

So, at first, it was a box sorting, old Christmas card collection chucking, magazine recycling, no I don't need, tho' I might some day. kind of weekend. (The magazine boxes in the picture are my all time favourite buy from Ikea. They don't make them anymore, which is, I think, well out of order. You can display a magazine on the front and lift up the flap to store more inside and altogether they make me come over all librarian-y)

But then, when we got up on Sunday morning, we discovered that we had been quietly and ingeniously making more space, without even realising it. Honestly! Nobody heard a thing! When we opened the curtains we discovered our garden was twice the size it used to be. Oh, yes, we made space. Our fence had blown down. And you've never seen two men less dismayed by the thought of some extra handiwork. We could put it back ourselves! With cement! other stuff! 

Watch this space. Ha.

But the best kind of making space? Well who wouldn't want to play with an astronaut like this? Do they come any cuter?

So, me? on Monday?

I've just discovered our water is off. Please give me a wave! This week might have its challenges..

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Scrapbooking What February Means To me

Quick! Before March creeps up and grabs us from behind!

I'm scrapbooking what February means to me

A short month, usually a shivery month and, as I turn up the heating I'm reminded of

- A spelling mistake. Round here, Feb-roo-ary sounds a lot more like Feb-yew-ary so I've always wanted to spell it without that first "r". Every year I remember the page of work my teacher returned to me with a big red extra "r" inked in, about twelve times, right down the page. It looked silly enough to make me learn how to get it right.

- Pancakes. The one night of the year when the man of the house here likes to make dinner. Flipping pancakes? Must be something like BBQ. That basic, caveman thing. Did cavemen like pancakes? You have to wonder..

- First family birthday of the year. before he came along all our celebrations were in the second half of the year. Twenty years later I still feel unprepared for this one.

- Not long now until our lives won't be bound up in the school year; but for this one and the next, February will still bring me the first hint of changes and endings. Does that sound odd? maybe it's those Mock Exams, the start of the rehearsals for the big Finale School Concert, the Sixth Form Valentine's Formal, the talk of university places There's a lot of looking forward to the last big coming togethers in February.

Roll on March, then, after all! Let's see what a bit of green will bring.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Scrapbooking a True Confession

True confession time:

Sian Fair for Get It Scrapped

Oh, I know there are lots of you out there who bake for pleasure, and bake very well while you're at it. A little bit of me wishes I could be that baker. The rest of me recognises reality. Honestly? I'd rather stitch anything, cut up everything, knit, knot, patch, darn or glue than put together a sponge cake. I'd prefer to paint a skirting board, weed a flower bed or strip an entire room of its wallpaper.

it's not that I can't. I do birthday cakes, yes, on birthdays; and mince pies at Christmas, apple tarts every Halloween and a pretty good batch of potato bread for St Patrick's Day (soon, then). But most of the time I'm extremely relieved to be able to hand over to our girl, whose chief object of desire these days is a Kitchen Aid of her very own, mint green, of course.

And that's all I have to say on the subject, which is why I chose to make of it my "six word memoir" for a Get It Scrapped prompted page. Amongst the other requirements was a "found object"...

What else? Known as a "bun case" round here and a "cupcake liner" in other parts, I'm told, here it is at the top of my page. The kraft coloured strips down the sides aren't cardstock, just to add to the theme, they're brown paper bag.

M also needed to include a large scale print and a selfie. That's kind of a selfie. I did take it myself.. More ideas for Prompted pages at Get It Scrapped!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Me On Monday

It was a back to basics weekend. A do lots of little chores you've been putting off for as long as you can weekend. Know what I mean?

A restock the underwear drawer weekend. (My own daughter, my own flesh and blood accused me of underwear theft. She said I was pinching her pants, nicking her knickers. We went and bought a lot more. And labelled them) A clean under the sofa weekend. A shore up the tower of magazines beside the bed weekend. Yep, I just restacked it. No need - yet - to do anything hasty with the recycling box.

And I also tackled the little pile of crocheted Granny Squares

The ones I've been ignoring in favour of giant, free ranging, easy big Granny blankets. It had to be done. Every time I looked at the kitchen sofa, with its cowboy cushions, I saw the spot where the new matching blanket...wasn't. Then I had a little whine to myself about the tediosity (probably a word, should be) of little squares and then - suddenly, right out of nowhere - I had the answer.

Little squares? Pshaw! (as I believe the cowboys used to say) to little squares. I'm going to turn 'em all big! 

So I've started adding extra rounds to each one: bigger, better - and best of all - I won't need to start any new ones. Once my enlargement scheme is complete I'll have enough to cover every sticky mark the kitchen sofa has to offer. Result. Well, almost: it's still quite a large enlargement. I've got a bit to go yet.

Joking aside, it's been interesting watching how the character of each square changes with every round of new colour. I'm sure there's something to learn there for all of my makes.

I'm looking forward to doing some more later. For now, I'm off to pack up an envelope to take to the Post Office. There's a student slow cooker waiting for a delivery. Told you we were talking basic this week. Have a good one!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A New Class: May's Guide: The Vacation Album

So, back to scrapbooking? I think we must...

I have been cutting and sticking, planning my contribution to a new class from Craft With May


Vacation scrapbooking? Oh, yes, I'm ready to start thinking about holidays! Maybe not this year's trip -yet- but certainly all the bits of last year's I'd still like to record. And this is where May Flaum's new class comes in. She's planning, and I quote:
  • Many hours of video lessons, including layout tutorials and viewing past albums/layouts
  • Over 20 new (exclusive!) layouts created for this class
  • 6 guest instructors will share projects (ranging from mini books to pocket pages to traditional layouts) and their top tips for vacation scrapbooking
  • PDF file for getting organized and started
  • Message board (March – July 2015) to interact with fellow students and instructor
  • Unlimited email access to instructor
The video lessons and classroom pages will cover everything from sorting photos to ephemera, how to recall the details to journaling prompts, and so much more! This is going to be one huge class full of content – you won’t want to miss out!

Class will run for four months - from March to June - with a message board, regular new content and contributions from Ashli Oliver, Jennifer Chapin, Paige Evans, Janna Werner, Patricia Roebuck.. and me. There's an early bird special pre registration price on until class begins on March 1st - that would be $35. interested? Let May tell you more. You can watch her video here

Got any holiday plans yet?
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