Monday, 24 November 2014

Me On Monday

It was a recipe checking, ingredient buying, Christmas pudding mixing, long boiling kind of weekend. And a Dundee Cake baking, Playmobil researching (yes, Little E, I got exactly the right kind), Amazon browsing, book ordering, sausage roll eating, poster printing, Grand Prix watching weekend too

We boiled up the Christmas pudding for the required six hours and we've wrapped it up safely to keep. We've made a cake to slice for the Romania Coffee morning and we've printed out the posters to stick up in school. We emailed back and forth with Uncle Dave, who is in Kuala Lumpur this week and has promised to look out for interesting craft books. We've started looking forward to December..

And Me On Monday? It's a warts n all photo this week. I'm coughing, but I have a day off and I'm heading out with a friend for some chat and relaxation with an hour at the Day Spa. The best thing about this picture is the knot in my scarf. But there it is, Monday morning goes like that sometimes, no matter how much you've been looking forward to it!

What are you up to this Monday?

Last week Helena, Abi, LadkyisJane, Ruth, Deb, Doris, Karen, Mel, Alison, Liz, Kirsty and Alexa all gave us a peep at what they were up to. Go give em a wave! And have a great week.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Is Open

I had the beginnings of a post forming in my head. It was to be about living with teenagers as they anticipate Christmas. It would probably have tried to make you smile, or possibly nod, in some kind of sympathetic recognition: ask a teenager to write a letter to Santa and she'll roll her eyes and say "Are you for real?" (and not for the first time that day). I've got plenty more where that came from. Maybe it would all have made me sound a little jaded..

..and that would have been completely wrong. Because actually, the shopping is going well this year; that teenager is begging for a first baking of mincepies and looking forward to icing a cake.

So it's lucky, then, that I checked my messages before starting to write and I found that Little E - that ruffian nephew of mine - had sent me some pictures. 

If you've been coming here a while, you might remember how he likes to declare Christmas open every year. And now's the time. Today he made a Winter Wonderland for Teddy Pippin. Oh. Yes. Christmas in this family is most definitely on track. It's open. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas Cards. With Houses On.

True confession: I had thought I wasn't going to make anything this week. No cutting, no sticking, no time. Plus, in my sitting down moments, the lure of the Granny Square is strong. I have 156 done now. I know this because I laid them all out and played with them, loose ends and all, last night; and 156 is, I think, slightly less than half, but probably more than a third, of what I need. I'm going to keep Granny-ing.

But that's a side project. It was cutting and sticking, and my failure to attend to these two favourite activities: that's what I was supposed to be considering...and just in time

....a parcel arrived from Fiona, my friendly (though sadly not so local) Stampin' Up supplier. My little house stamps! For my Christmas cards!

I'd spotted these on Fiona's blog a while back, before I'd even dared to think about Christmas cards; but when even The (Not So) Small One said - Mum, you should buy some of those houses. You'd get your money's worth, I reckoned a set probably had my name on it.

And yes, yes, it did. And now I've made a start on my cards. Which is ten times more than I thought I was going to get done this week.

Each one is a little bit different from the last. Though, of course, right now I'm not ready for the last. I have more to make..

Monday, 17 November 2014

Me On Monday

It was a thinking about the ballet, spotting Nutcracker related things everywhere we looked kind of weekend. 

A coffee morning planning, poster designing, trip to Ikea for decorations and napkins weekend. A long conversation with my sister about Christmas presents weekend (hurray!). A wallpaper choosing, paint mixing, tool gathering weekend. A rugby watching, chicken and noodles eating, watching for the postman, revising for exams weekend.

And this week? I'm still looking at wallpapers: taking photos of possibles, gathering samples, changing my mind...

Anything nice come your way this weekend? Any plans for the week? Last Monday Ladkyis, Helena, KarmaCraftBlog, Jane, Karen, Ruth, Deb, Doris, Mel and Liz all let us have a look at what they'd been up to. Go on, give them a wave!

..and have a good week.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

I Flipped...

I'd just about reached the end of a packet of Teresa Collins diecuts (from a kit by Gossamer Blue) and I was seriously thinking about trying to find some more, when I flipped the packaging over and discovered that each of the shapes was printed in miniature on the back..

so I grabbed my scissors and cut them all out...

...and decided to make some cards..

From High In The Sky
The big arrow is from the original pack: with one small and one large shape I was able to play with scale. The doodled circle is a rub on from Crate Paper

....with one diecut on its own...

From High In The Sky

...and with a handful gathered up into a cluster. Definitely two for the price of one, whatever way you look at it.
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