Thursday, 1 December 2016

December Projects at Gossamer Blue

My sister and I went Christmas shopping yesterday. It's our special annual tradition and this year it felt as if we had got in there early: that is until, in one of our favourite shops, we were given Advent calendars. "You're going to need those tomorrow!" the girl said. 

Of course! How could I have spent last week making pages with the beautiful December Gossamer Blue kits without registering just how close we are getting? 

I made this one:

because I wanted to use the pompom hat card from the Life Pages kit. It's true. I can hear myself sounding more and more like my own mum, especially now that I'm doing a lot more knitting. "You need a hat! You should pull that down over your ears! You aren't going out without a coat! Let me hold this up against you to see if it's long enough yet.."

The little ink splash stamp is from last month's kit. I like a touch of black to hold everything down on the page and this is the perfect size. The woodgrain layering piece I cut from some Fancy Pants packaging.

Then I made this one:

I hope the close up gives a better view of the dimension..

Those are Pink Paislee rub ons underneath a couple of the diecut butterflies.

And finally I made this one:

Because Christmas tree embellishments aren't just for Christmas... 

...and the pieces from Pink Paislee's Moonstruck collection have more than a little magic about them!
Maybe you remember how excited I was when we spotted what looked like the Hogwarts Express? 

Next stop: recording my December Memories. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Memorandum Monday: And The Singing

Hey Monday! I hope you aren't having trouble hearing me. I'm a little hoarse. That'll be all the cheering and shouting. And the singing. Don't forget the singing.

Because this weekend, for the first time, instead of sitting at home watching rugby on a screen in my living room, I travelled south to watch it live at the Aviva Stadium. And we were so happy to have made it! The tickets were a birthday gift, months ago, to the patient here; and we've been wishing and hoping for weeks now that he would be well enough to go. He's getting better! We went! We had a blast. 

I've been to matches before. I've even seen Australia play before; but never in Dublin. I could try to describe the atmosphere for you; but it might be quicker if I simply tell you to think about the Irish fans at the Quidditch World Cup. It was loud, it was uplifting; it had fireworks, it had moments of sweet silence as the ball sailed between the posts before the singing began again, over and over, until, with the greatest of good humours, the Australian fans in their yellow striped blazers, conceded defeat. Ireland 27: Australia 24.

It was cold, but my preparations in the thermal underwear department had been meticulous. It was moving: it seems only a couple of years since our kicker was a schoolboy we could watch here on a Saturday morning. Now he's a national hero. It was sparkly and twinkly, as the houses we passed on our walk to the ground were already lit up for Christmas.

And the next morning

there was souvenir yarn to be found and gifts to be bought, before we got back in the car and headed for home. It was a first; but, I hope, a trip we will repeat. Birthday tickets are a very good thing indeed.

How about you? Anything new at the weekend?  Maybe you'd like to make a memo. After all, it is Monday. Last week Deb, Helena, Mitra, Mary-Lou, Ladkyis, Karen, Maggie, Alexandra and Krafty Karen dared to share. Go on, give 'em a wave! And have a good week!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

All of a Cluster

It's my turn on the Gossamer Blue blog today and I'm sharing a new page

Sian F: November at Gossamer Blue

which I made using a patterned paper  (by Shimelle, from her GoNowGo collection for American Crafts) as a design inspiration

rather than a design element. Some papers are for cutting up and some papers are for admiring; and some can teach us a thing or two about putting a page together. More here

Monday, 21 November 2016

Memorandum Monday: It's Not Ice Skating

New Monday, new plan. So I started my plan round about Thursday; but round here, right now, it feels like we can start the weekend - or the new week - any day we choose. And that's why on Thursday Operation Get Out of the House began: because if my patient is to return to work before Christmas, as he plans to, he'll have to stay upright and awake for more than a coupe of hours at a time.

I'm a cheap date: trees 28p each, new gingham tea towel £1.14, handful of buttons £1

It's the best time of the year for trying to Get Out of the House. If I mention Christmas shopping, his eyes light up. He likes Christmas shopping. I suppose, for an Accountant, it goes under the heading of Allowable Essential Expenses, and so it's guilt free. Thursday afternoon, we started out in town, where we discovered a new shop, Sostrene Grene. It's like a very chic Tiger, mixing Ikea's natural wood with a Woolworth selection. There was yarn.

On Friday afternoon we drove further out of town, to another new-to-us gift shop. There was a whole room dedicated to yarn. Sian, I thought, you've got a good thing going here: where to Saturday?

Another little village, out in the country. Ah, no: no wool. But second best: a new museum, a tiny one, for us to visit in the old courthouse. Sunday, then. Could I pull it back? Could I achieve wool piggery for two weekends in a row whilst masquerading as a concerned caregiver and enthusiastic trip adviser? 

Yes, yes, I could. We went to the Narnia themed Craft Fair we had enjoyed so much this time last year. There was a stall piled high with hand dyed yarns. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Today? I've set him to sand one of the chairs we ought in the junk shop. Exercise sitting down, he said. Can do, no problem, I replied. Just let me answer this text from your daughter:

Just paid to go ice skating in the bucketing rain. At least I'm one step closer to finding out what I'm good at, because ice skating is not that thing
There's exercise, and there's exercise; and there's sitting down exercise and there's sitting down hard in an unplanned kind of way. I'm sticking to knitting, when I'm sitting.

Have a good week!

But before you make a start, how about a memo? Do anything new at the weekend? Learn anything you didn't know before? How about making a note! Write it down in a memo, this Monday! We'd be delighted to hear all about it.

Last week Alexandra, Deb, Helena, Jane, Mitra, Mary-Lou, Karen, Maggie and Barbara shared their weekend goings on. GIve 'em a wave! Wish them all the best, this Monday.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Thursday already? We are, as my friend and fellow blogger Julie (she's publishing a book! Check it out!) pointed out at the beginning of the week, continuing to make the most of a slower pace here at High In The Sky. My patient and I have been spending more time together than we have managed, I'm sure, since the summer we got married; and that? that's decades ago. But as I enjoy his company, and I think it's mutual, it's all good.

But I am, it has to be said, finding it difficult to squeeze in time for making things. Knitting, I can manage. I knit downstairs as I keep him company - we've been watching "Turn: Washington's Spies" om Amazon Prime - and I'm seeing the results: very nearly another sweater finished, some Christmas socks cast on, but heading upstairs for some peaceful scrapbooking? That's a little more tricky. Yesterday I managed a couple of quick cards

Today I'm aiming for half an hour's tidying up; because I do have projects ready to go and pages I'll be able to share soon. And any day now, my Gossamer Blue December Memories kit should arrive and I'll be making a start on my Travellers Notebook. Maybe on a tray downstairs? That might work. More soon!
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