Thursday, 1 October 2015

October at Gossamer Blue

It can't be October! Oh, but it is. And that means it's time to show what I made for Gossamer Blue this month. I always look forward to scrapbooking at this time of year: lots of the colours in the pictures I want to take and the subjects I want to write about inspire me to cut and stick more than ever. And these kits! I don't think I've ever cut faster. I made five pages in five days: by my sadly slow standards I think that's a record.

I have three layouts today. The first ? 

From High In The Sky October at Gossamer Blue

I used some of the My Mind's Eye in the Main Add On for a layout about the moving statues we saw on our weekend in Scotland. It turned into a page about more than some tourist attractions, though, as I found myself writing about how we seek out things to do on that last day before we deliver our boy to his student flat for the new term. The stamp in the Life Pages kit seemed exactly right: Linger a little longer, it says 

Next up? A page about World Beard Day. Did you know about World Beard Day ? No? That would be two of us. But as soon as I read about it in the paper I went chasing a beard or two. I found one set of cooperative whiskers:

From High In The Sky October at Gossamer Blue

and I can't thank him enough for giving me the chance to use a title I've been saving up for a while now. The grey background happened when I discovered that, while thinking about a plan,  I had idly popped out all the shapes from my sheet of  Simple Stories chipboard (Add On#2). I saw I had the remains of "We Are" at the top and thought that would be a good way to start my title, so I used my emptied backing sheet as a mask.

And finally, another page about our weekend away; and the fun we had starring on the front of our personalised copy of the new Ikea catalogue. The teenagers (one of them isn't a teenager anymore; but what do I call them? I can't say "the children") fell about laughing and decided they wanted no part of the plan. But actually it turned out to be the nicest picture of the two of us we've seen in a long time. And we get to keep it on our coffee table..

From High In The Sky October at Gossamer Blue

I have a couple more pictures of that visit to Ikea and I think I'd like this page even more if I make it a double: maybe repeat the stitching, add more of that cute Simple Stories chipboard? I could be coming back to this one.

Everything I've made has been with the October Gossamer Blue Main and Life Pages kits, and the Main and #2 Add Ons. Couldn't you just fall for those colours?

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My Reading Habits

Today I'm happy to be picking up a tag passed on to me by friend and fellow reader Helen of the blog I Will Bloom. She  answered some questions about her reading habits and asked me to do the same. So with thanks to Sandals & Sunnies for sending it to Helen, and to Julie of Notes on Paper, whose answers encouraged me to start thinking, here are my reading habits:

I like quirky books. This is my growing collection of Japanese doll pattern books. I work the instructions out by looking at the very lovely pictures

Do you have a certain place at home to read?
I dream of a sunny window seat, with an enticing view, just in case I want to glance up to rest my eyes, or daydream, or admire next door's new curtains. But as that's unavailable, I almost always choose the bed, if I can creep away to find it without being noticed: pillows at my head, the sun on my back, and a handy shelf for my biscuit (see below) beside. In the evenings it's not as good a spot as it was once; bit I'm hopeful a good new lamp will return reading before sleep to its top spot as the best part of the day.

A bookmark or a random piece of paper?
Now, I do own bookmarks. I'm sure I do. It's just that I'm in the habit of leaving them inside books. I acquire a nice new one, I use it diligently, and then when I get to the end, I toss that book aside and grab the next one, leaving the marker behind in the tossing. I'm perfectly happy to grab any piece of paper and use it instead: often a postcard (usually from a blog friend), a note from school, an appointment card..

I like books which tell me how to do things. This is a small selection. It leaves out the knitting, the cross stitch, the curtain get the idea..

Because I never, ever, ever turn down the corner of a page. I couldn't. I'd be a liar if I said I'd tried. Even the thought makes me cringe. Funny, I don't mind battered books at all: ones with loose pages and crumpled covers and a history, I love them all. But still, though: not the corners.

I like magazines and I find it very hard to throw out the old ones 

Can you stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or number of pages?

Yes. I can stop reading quite easily. I'll even stop in the middle of a paragraph, because I'm perfectly sure the rest will still be there when I get back. Similarly,  I'll lift a book and find my place even if I know I only have time to read a couple of sentences. Because there isn't anything else I'd rather be doing while I wait for everyone to find their shoes, or for the kettle to boil, or for the glue to dry.

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Ah: a contentious one, this. You've caught me out. It's my guilty little secret. I'm a librarian who likes to read while she eats, or eat while she reads. Both, anyway. If a good sandwich is a pleasure, then the enjoyment is more than doubled by the simple addition of a few words to cast my eye over: book, magazine, paper, all are good. And many of you will already know that if I get the chance I choose lunchtime to catch up on my favourite blogs (or making the dinner time, which is almost the same thing). Occupational hazards include crumbs in my keyboard, chocolate chips down my front, and icing sugar hands with a further layer of newsprint.

I like books for children, even if my retro collection now make me look more than a little retro

Do you watch TV or listen to music
while reading?
Not books. I would never try to read a book and watch TV at the same time. But I do read the paper and watch TV and carry on a conversation all at once all the time.

One book at a time or several at once?
Define "several". Are we talking two or three extra? One in every room? A spare in the car? which? I have books I've been reading for several years, several books I reread every year, books to tell me what I need to know, books to make me laugh, to think, all on the go at once. I will even read one for ten minutes and then dip into another, especially at bedtime. I'm an incurable dipper.

Reading at home or everywhere?
I'll read anywhere, given half a chance. I look forward to piles of magazines in the doctors or dentists; and I have little time for the killjoys who work to have those piles banned for hygiene reasons. Have you ever heard of anyone catching their death from a comic? No, I haven't either.

Reading aloud or silently in your head?
Now I'm a silent reader. But I grew up doing a lot of reading aloud. Teachers, grownups, seem to assume that a good reader is a good out loud reader. I don't think that's always true; but for me it translated into a lot of narrating of school plays and reading round the class and standing up in church. Later, when I was doing A Level English, I used to wait until everyone else was out before I opened my set texts and heard them speak. I remembered it by listening to the rhythm of it and in time I discovered this was how I should revise any of my school work. I read it out loud. 

And I like my books a little bit mixed up. What? another book secret? I'm a librarian who doesn't shelve properly. I like the fact that I know where every book is on the shelf, even when it hasn't been classified...

Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?
All the time! Is that guilty secret number two? I can't seem to stop myself. I can read the end, and then go back and read the rest, and not have my enjoyment of the whole spoiled in any way.

Do you ever write in books?
No. Never. Couldn't do it, wouldn't do it.

So that's me: what about you? If you'd like to share, please consider yourself tagged!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Me On Monday

It was the weekend of playing about with numbers.

A friend's 18th birthday found The (Not So) Small One organising a treasure hunt in the park. They stationed guests and gifts to pop up at points along the route if the birthday girl followed the clues. Imagine! You guess that the answer is "beside the ice cream van", you find it, and you discover not only ice cream, but also a surprise friend and a present. It was a glorious afternoon; but because The (Not So) Small One ought really to have been in bed with a sore ear, I told her to make sure she was well wrapped up. "I am wrapped up," she said. "I'm taking my scarf.."

The next day we drove to the seaside for Grannie F's  80th birthday. And that's when I really started to toy with the numbers. It won't be long until I'm the age she was when I met her for the first time. That means that if the years go round again, just as quickly, then I'll be the age she is now. And if she's 80 and all the girls are turning 18, then I can't help thinking that when my Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday, I had my 18th ten days later. I had been due on her birthday. And then when I got married, Grandma was the age my mum is now. It's circles within circles: I find it fascinating and I don't even enjoy maths.

But I know a man who does; and, after I'd hauled myself out of my numerically twisted daydream, I glanced down to the other end of the sofa. What? Using the calculator on a weekend? Aah, it's tricky to keep right on top of the score chart in your Rugby World Cup Souvenir Guide...

Yes, we watched, yes we shouted ourselves hoarse, and yes that brings me to Monday morning, and a load of laundry. Have to get my shirt ready for the next match of course..

I hope you find something to cheer about in your week. I know it's been a bit quiet round here. But I haven't been slacking. I promise. I made five layouts last week, and wrote up a couple of other things. So I'll be here and there soon, Keep an eye out! 

Last week  Eileen, Louise, Helena, Maggie, Mary-Lou, Jane, Ladkyis, Deb, LouiseH, Michelle, Barbara, KraftyKaren, Julia, Sheena, Sue, Fiona and Alison all gave us a wave and shared a little bit of what their weekend was about. There was plenty to celebrate; but it's not always good news, we know, and we're ready to hold you up should you need us. Just give us a shout, go on: give us a Monday!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

October Sneaks From Gossamer Blue

I just can't stop cutting and sticking! Today I have some sneaks 

....of my pages with the beautiful October kits from Gossamer Blue There are perfect colours for autumn, but there are lots of other options too. A gorgeous selection! Full reveal is at the beginning of the month.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Me On Monday

It was a home comforts, home team, homely pleasures kind of a weekend:

After spending last weekend out of the country, it was nice this week to take things more slowly and enjoy some simple pleasures. Because of course it was a The Rugby World Cup is finally here! weekend, which meant is was a where's my shirt? who is actually playing? who's on the bench? Oh, yes! kind of a weekend. 

Which we combined with a soda bread eating, steak pie baking, blackberry collecting, local treats appreciating kind of a weekend. The blackberries were thin on the ground (or is that on the bush?): it turns out we were a little early; but what we found will go together with some apples in a nice crumble tonight. It was left to the view to provide most of the refreshment. And that it did. Every time I set out on this path I marvel all over again that it is within walking distance of our city home. A weekend of easy enjoyment, then, which we needed. A good one.

Monday is starting out sunny here: maybe I'll need to get back to look for those blackberries before the week is out? Whatever you are doing, I hope you find time for a treat or two: have a good one!

 Last week Louise, Deb, Ruth, Helena, Sandra, Mary Lou, Maggie, Julia, Eileen, Ladkyis, Sheena, Louise H, Karen, Michelle and Susanne all gave us wave. How are you doing this week everyone? Any plans?

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