Monday, 15 September 2014

Me On Monday

It was a getting- ready- to -embrace Autumn kind of weekend. A slow cooker using, apple photographing, thinking about blackberry crumble kind of weekend. A nuts and berries harvest thoughts, nesting, homemaking, quilt square admiring, hunkering down kind of a weekend. You know the kind I mean?

And now it's Monday and I have the treat of a chocolate moustache to look forward to (Thought it sort of went with my Western checked shirt, so I decided to get the picture, then just at the last minute I accidentally broke the stick off. ..) It came to me from Deb - thank you! - in a gorgeous quilt square parcel. A September quilt square! Hooray! The Friendship Square swap has been running for some months now and I've been so looking forward to it being my turn. I can't deny it. I've chosen neutral colours for my squares, creams and linens, and I have a plan for a white bedroom I know of. I'm thinking about embroidering the names of everyone involved, each on their own block, to remember.

We did some Autumn eating too. Time for the slow cooker! and a recipe from my other Deb: Deb Turtle's Crockpot Lasgana Soup, which we made on Saturday and which was every bit as delicious as she promised it would be. Perfect for this time of year and right through the winter. Next I need to do something with those shiny red apples. Apple tart? crumble? an upside down cake? 

But  not before I've given everyone a wave this Monday and wished you a good week. Maybe you'll wave back?

Scroll down for the Supplies On  Hand giveaway: it's open until Friday (and read more here at Craft With May)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Supplies On Hand: A Class and A Giveaway (or Two)

Giveaway included. Read on..

Oh wonderful September! Bring me a sweater and call me happy! I like everything about it round here. I'm also mighty fond of October and this year I'm especially looking forward to its arrival. I've been invited to contribute to May Flaum's new Supplies On Hand class, beginning 1st October

It's a stash busting, use up your stuff, desk clearing scrap fest. Sign up for this one and you'll start cutting and sticking, tipping out jars of buttons, sorting journaling cards, throwing put emptied packs. I'm sure of it.

The class will run 1-15th October and will include getting started materials, over 35 new projects, videos, pdfs, a message board, "live craft" events, a gallery and email access to May. There will be a truly inspiring list of scrapbookers (and me) ready with lots of ideas:
Ashli Oliver (all subjects); Lisa Dickinson (alphabets); Paige Evans (buttons, scraps); Ronda Palazzari (stencils);Patricia Roebuck (alphas, stickers, patterned paper); Shimelle Laine (scraps); Sasha Farina (buttons);
Anna-Karin Evaldsson (stamps, dies); Michelle Wooderson (journaling, trims); Mel Blackburn (trims, journaling);
Emma Williams (punches/dies); Sian Fair (paper); and May Flaum (all subjects)

You can check it all out here. Watch May's video, it'll tell you everything you need to know.

And thanks to May I have one class pass to give away today. Leave me a comment here telling me one scrapbooking supply you can't do without and you'll be entered into the draw to win a free seat to Supplies On Hand. The draw will close in a week's time: Friday 19th at 5.00pm GMT. Everyone welcome! Say hello, think about using up that stash!

BUT if you are quick (GO HERE NOW) you can have a second chance to win over at Scrap365. If you get there before Monday and leave a comment telling me which supply you have most of, you'll be entered into the draw there too.

Summer has slipped away from me here. But I'm ready to get down to some serious new season scrapbooking  with Supplies On Hand. Maybe you'll join me?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

One Photo & Twenty Words: The Silver Shoes

I'm joining in with Abi of Creating Paper Dreams again this month: one photo, twenty words and that's another little story told. Thanks Abi!

Got small feet, buy small shoes. Or take hand me downs. Now the hand me downs are too big. Nearly.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Me On Monday

It was a "my work here is done" kind of weekend. In a way. That's what he said on Friday afternoon as he looked into our emptied fridge, slammed the door shut behind him and headed for the exit. And that's what we said, sort of, on Sunday afternoon, as we hauled the last load of student-alia up the three flights of stairs to his new attic bedroom.

He's high in the sky himself from now on, a place of his own, and I'm so excited to see how his year is going to go. Best of luck, big man!

There was more to it than that, of course. It was a ferry riding, road tripping, John Lewis envying, bagpiping, stair climbing, book carrying, provisions buying, could-I-buy-a-Police Box wondering, Tiger stationery shop discovering, clever car parking (not mine), push me, pull you kind of a weekend. A good one, all the same.

How about you? Fancy giving me a wave on Monday?

Me on Monday: thinking about Sunday

Friday, 5 September 2014

Scrapbooking With Word Apps

First day back at school, The (Not So) Small One arrived home early.

"Quick!" I said  "I need help with A Beautiful Mess!"

She looked round at all the things I hadn't got done while she out.

"Throw some glitter on it, Mum," she replied. "You're half way there already."

But of course, what I was actually doing was playing around with some word apps on my phone. I've just downloaded A Beautiful Mess and I think I'm going to like it; but my longstanding favourite is Halftone. I've been using it for a couple of years now, ever since I discovered how easily it distracts the eye from a less than stellar photo. Or two. Or three. Halftone uses a comic book effect so it's one I always keep in mind for pages I hope will raise a smile:

Sian Fair for Get It Scrapped

There's the option to add a date, too, which can be as useful as any words sometimes. But watch out! It sounds obvious. It is obvious and that means I'm likely to miss it....

....check your spelling before you commit. Or you'll end up printing something like this:


I love Halftone for cards too:

Great for personalised messages.

You'll find lots of other word app ideas and tips at Get It Scrapped's new article Photo Apps For Adding Text and Art Overlays 

And if you'd like a bargain, you could have a look at Apps Gone Free, as recommended to me by my blogging friend Miriam. Thanks Miriam!

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