Monday, 30 March 2015

Me On Monday


Here I am..

...doing my "take a letter" look in my new glasses. I wear contacts most of the time; but I discovered at my last check up that I'd had the same pair of specs for eight years. Quick! Time for a change! These ones got the teenager seal of approval round here, so that was good. She's up next! I wonder what she'll choose? 

We found glass of a different variety this weekend, too. If sea glass is what washes up on the beach, then this must be garden glass:

Remnants from a garden underneath our garden. We have quite a collection now.

So it was an all seeing weekend. An End Of Term, heel turning (yes! nearly finished one sock!), laptop battery ordering, Easter egg buying (of course, Little E: I talked to the Easter Bunny), work shirt replacing (now he looks smarter), looking forward kind of a weekend. For next week our boy is home. And that's a weekend to look forward to.

Have a great week! I'm hoping my computer battery arrives soon. If I disappear without warning, you'll know that it hasn't. So I'm waving very quickly..

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Self Striping Saga

So I cast on a sock:

"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while, then take up the sock again." Dorothy Day
And about five minutes after I'd finished that first row, my Mum phoned. I told her what I was doing, and she started to talk, and I discovered that socks used to be quite the thing amongst the womenfolk in our family. I had had no idea. Most of them, she said, could knit a sock in a day: mainly plain blue or grey, on double pointed needles, moving like quicksilver. But one thing she told me has stayed in my mind as my sock moves along. When a Great Aunt had nothing else left to do, my Mum said, she would rip out the sock she had just finished and knit it all over again. That's a sobering thought. 

So I shall head towards the turning of my first heel with determination. And gratitude that I have more wool, many more projects in mind..and stripes. Stripes are very, very good.

My wool is Sirdar Heart & Sole 4ply in Pigeon Toes. When I was ordering it I also picked up Sirdar pattern 7317: knit and crochet scarves and gloves especially for the stripey wool. I thought it might be interesting to road test. I'll be sure to let you know when I get there. Has anyone tried it?

Now, back to the heel. I can't avoid it forever...

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Scrapbooking What March Means To Me

What does March mean to me?  When I started out to scrapbook this month's page, I didn't know if I had anything to say at all. I thought March always slipped past me - or I past it - with a St. Patrick's side step. to Spring and beyond.

But I woke up at the beginning of this week and the sun was splitting the trees, as we say round here, and it showed me what there is to be found in a March which plays nicely. A clear blue sky, a fresh breeze, a host of golden daffodils: way to make the morning seem more full of possibility than at any other time since the start of the year.

For most of my life I've taken that new March light for granted. I've relished autumn's evening creep and the nights curled on the sofa with my reading and my making: because of course spring was only a Christmas away. This year? Feels like there's a lot of energy in that light. 

I know what that boy of mine would say at this point : "Stop it, Mum. You're showing your age."  Maybe I am. Maybe I am. So here's a little more about my page:

Details, details

1. I started out with a sheet of white cardstock, then started to veer towards Kraft, which I like for any photo with black and gold . BUT then I found

2.  A piece of patterned paper from Amy Tangerine's Stitched collection and discovered that it pulled all the colours together, encouraging me to keep the red in my photo. I had deliberately not cropped it out, because it's the shop window frame and I wanted to remember that I had taken the photo through the glass.

3. So that led me to the pack of Stitched "Bits" diecuts and that "lucky" card. If you have any St Patrick's day scrapbooking left to finish up, Stitched might work for you too. I also pulled out some journaling cards by Pink Paislee and "Up In the Clouds" dots by Pinkfresh. The cards I used to layer up behind my photo

4. This one had a printed paper clip, so I cut round it and slipped my photo underneath. My final touch was the big red clothes peg to echo the red window. Oh, and a couple of rub ons from MME: more green for March.

Onwards to April, then? I have a little wood veneer Easter Bunny to find a place for..

Monday, 23 March 2015

Me On Monday

Me on Monday? 

Sshh..don't tell anyone. It'll be our secret. I'm thinking about leaving the crochet mid- croche and moving on to a bit of knitting. The Granny Square enlargement project continues, but it's taking its time and refusing to finish, even though I worked hard on it this week and last. I need a diversion; and oh, I have an itch to slip a stitch or two and try my hand at something for my feet. Socks!

It's that self striping wool. Ever since I knitted the baby blankets last summer, I've been in its thrall. Have you ever seen anything more trickily perfect than self patterning wool? I'd like a ball (or two) in every pattern ever invented, please, and soon.

But for now I'm telling myself that socks would be useful: a good thing to understand how to do. And when the creative urge is upon me, it would be just plain (or purl?) wrong to ignore it. I will learn how to make socks, with the very much appreciated help of one of the best knitters I know, Lea over at Freeze Frame. Thanks Lea!

So, if I knit now, I'll be stepping away from the crochet. It was quite a weekend of crochet. And confectionery ( we posted a box of Easter treats to some friends in California). And contact lenses (sorry, I seem to have let you inherit my bad eyes). And concert recovering (after a stormin' Easter school show on Thursday night). And clapping and cheering (Ireland won the Six Nations). And cake. Of course cake: we found a book we've been meaning to try. .

I expect there'll be more cake this week. Let's hope so..

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

More Of Sort Of A Project Life

So far this week I've been spending my scrapbooking time sort of keeping going with my Sort Of A Project Life. And that means I'd love to thank everyone who cam up with suggestions to improve my album situation. Thank you! I did have another look through my supplies and I found some 8.5x11 page protectors in the back of a Journal Your Christmas album I made in that size; and so that's where I've sort of lodged my Project Life for now.

How I'm Working It

A few observations:

- I've never been much of a project planner before. But because I had decided on a clean "magazine-y" look, I started out by flipping through some pages in a couple of favourites and then I made some rough sketches of the look I was after. Drawing little boxes on graph paper turns out to be deeply satisfying and I can see a lot more graph paper planning in my future.

- This kind of planning  speeds up what is, undeniably, a laborious process of deciding which photos need printing, which new images to include, what needs to go large. I turned myself into a batch processor, which is also a new way of working for me.

- Looking at magazine spreads gave me a chance to think about design details: maintaining margins around the edges, letting things bleed off the side of the page, when to leave some space and when to cluster things close; all useful stuff to keep in mind on any page.

- I had thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a photo printing service - maybe Prinstragram? - but I've had good results with my own little Selphy printer. It's not even the wireless version which prints from a phone (now that would be nifty!); but it can print two little or one big square on a 6x4 print and that's working for now.

- So that I can use my Dad's old typewriter I've had to trim a tiny sliver off the 8.5x11 card. If I don't it doesn't fit and the thought of jamming up one of my favourite possessions is too much to bear: 8.25 is just fine by me. The typewriter makes it simple to place journaling wherever I want on the page: doing this with our printer would involve some head scratching. I don't get on with our printer. It won't print on card, although it will

- print on sturdy photo paper, so at least I can do full page photos. I've considered flipping the photo paper over to see if it will print onto the other side, which would at least give me something heavier than paper for labels and the like.

- I still haven't worked out a way of photographing my pages to my complete satisfaction. They curl at the edges after being in the typewriter and I have to gently coax them back into shape. 

- But it's fun! I don't often play around with so many photos and thoughts all at the same time. I'm enjoying it. (She's trying Girls Rugby, I'm trying multi photo pages. it's all change here..)

- Most of the small scraps of paper are by Gossamer Blue, Pebbles and Simple Stories, from the February Gossamer Blue Kit, as are the diecuts, which are Simple Stories Life Documented. The stamps (including the very useful typewriter in the previous post) I bought from Crafty Alchemy on Etsy

And that's it for today. I'm sort of hoping I'll have a chance to do some more pages later. Sort Of A Project Life? It's completely addictive.

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