Storytelling Sunday

Storytelling Sunday is all thanks to Kate of Liberty Cottage who suggested it as a way of continuing From High In The Sky's Christmas Club of 2010 into 2011. We told stories right the way through the year, with over fifty bloggers contributing more than two hundred stories to our first Sunday-of-the-month linky. And in 2012 we expanded again. The Words The Pictures drew in over five hundred stories from bloggers all over the world! For 2013 we looked at celebrating the little things you love with Pick Your Precious - you know, the little things you love, the special little something you have tucked away in a drawer or on a shelf? Again, we had bloggers from all across the globe gather on a Sunday to share their favourite treasures. We had a blast! But all good things are better if they go out on a high, and with the close of 2013, we closed the book on Storytelling Sunday's regular monthly slot. I have no doubt that it'll be back at some point - doesn't a pop up StS sound good? But until then ..keep on spinning those yarns

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January's stories are here
February here
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January's stories are here                                 
February's stories are here                             
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