Sunday, 17 April 2016

April Instagram Inspiration

I'm tidying again today; and I think we all know it would be reasonable to assume your response to any further details on my progress would be to roll your eyes and say Not again, Sian. The cleaning of my workspace is a Forth Bridge tale on a Eurotunnel scale: get to the end and the beginning is there to taunt me all over again.

My post for the Gossamer Blue blog this month - about dipping into an old scrapbook kit and using a recipe of parts to complete pages with whatever you find - came about because I've been edging closer to a plan of breaking up all my old kits, which sit in their original ziploc bags, and sorting it all into my drawer of paper and jars of embellishments. I'm finding that a hard bridge to cross. (No: I don't know what the bridge thing is this morning either)

Probably using all that stuff up would be better than simply moving it around. And with that in mind, I tweaked my blog post idea in time for this month's Gossamer Blue instagram hop, to show how keeping out last month's kit can provide ideas for using this month's supplies. I took a page I made for the March hop, of blue and pink and yellow on an 8.5x11 base, and I looked for follow on pieces in the same colours in the April kit. I made a companion layout of a similar design.

So from this one in March:

to this one in April:

More pieces out of the bags and into the albums. Ah, now wait: pages into albums? That's a whole other story.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wishing your girl all the very best in making that choice.

Ruth said...

So delighted for TNSSO! And, as previously stated elsewhere, it's a fab page.

Lizzie said...

Hello Sian! I know just what you mean about Forth Bridge Tidying - it happens all over the house here.

Long time no see... I have been absent from blogland for months, but I hope I'm back now.

Wonderful for your daughter, to have offers from all her universities. James also got offers from the three he applied to (nowhere else does the course he wants!). He has chosen the two he wants to "keep" and is now looking forward to starting in September. Of course, they both have the small matter of A2 Exams to sort out first... I wish your lassie loads of luck with her exams and hope she achieves what she has set out to do. X

And I like those two pages - both together and apart. The colour choices are so lovely (but then you have a real knack for that anyway) and the embellishments are just right (ditto!).

If you're having a bit of a wobble about breaking up the kits, how about trying to make them into new "kits" of your own devising? You know what you like and what you are likely to use together. I'm sure that a lady with your amazing scrapping pedigree can make up some "Sian Kits" for yourself. Then you just have to use them!

Hope to be back here soon. Oh, and thank you for visiting my blog, after such a long break. It was kind of you to welcome me back. X

Patio Postcards said...

Wonderful pages. I like the quote on the card - life to spend, not save. Ah such wise words for so many applications. And what a choice to be made, which university. While not quite a spreadsheet, I often use big flipchart pages to list out the pros & cons of any choice/decision. Umm I see a scrap page in my future :)

Forth Bridge tale on Eurotunnel scale ... not 100% sure I know the reference; reference to the tunnel between England & France?

Susanne said...

Lovely pages, and isn't it good not to have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to scrap. Congrats to her on her success thus far, and much good luck to her on the decision making!

Mardi said...

Sian this layout is one of my favourites ever.... it looks effortless and balanced and the story told is a keeper. I always enjoy reading your words.. the decision over splitting old kits or keeping them together always plays on my mind too. I think my final vote goes for splitting.
Mardi x

Maggie said...

I'd go with the heart and gut feeling not the spreadsheet. Good luck with her choices. My girl has made hers. Phew!

alexa said...

Wise words for your lovely daughter, Sian - what a pretty photo of her. Always good to look at all the info with one's head, and then let one's heart have a voice too. And, as always, such a fresh and delightful page. Although you say you move stuff around a lot on the page, it always looks as all the parts have just landed naturally and perfectly! Re-using a design, and reminding us we can, makes starting quicker. Tidying up? Oh boy ... Some years ago, I divided up my stuff by colour and never regretted it.

alexandra s.m. said...

I am so in love with that page of yours Sian!!
I feel an urge to case it ;)
Best of luck to your DD!

Jo said...

I wish her luck in her choice making. I love those pages and I'm another one who thinks I should split old, half used kits up but never seem to be able to make the leap!

Missus Wookie said...

Princess had a spreadsheet - full of pros and cons, but then she's her mother's daughter in some things at least. But when it comes down to it - it is where your heart says you should go. Tigger decided within a few minutes of walking onto the campus she was going where she's ended up - plans to stay there too when she graduates as she loves the area so.

Melissa said...

I always enjoy seeing your pages and your sweet girl's smile!

Barbara Eads said...

That's the thing about cleaning out---it's never done! There's always another place to start. By the time you finish one place, it's nearly time to start over again. Kit clean out is a bit easier of me. First off, I make my own kits. Once I use them, I either add more paper to make it "new" again, or take it apart and put things back in to my supply. Keeping a "used" kit out and within eye's view seems like a good approach! Your layouts always look fresh--never repetitious! I think you are doing what works for you!

Karen said...

Well, I was right and here is that beautiful page, and even better than the gorgeous layout is the story that prompted it. How lovely to have such choices, and to have a dad who can lay it all out for you. But, of course, you are right, it's the heart that will, hopefully, lead the way.

Sandra said...

At one time these size pages became all the rage, and then we went back to 12x12's but oh I want to do one of these again, only I want to scraplift your pages. Gorgeous

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