Sunday, 30 October 2011

Calm, Calmer, Calmest

..or is that most calm? We are certainly hoping for a quiet, restful week here as we head into half term after a busy few days. Time for a bit of what The Tall One laughingly calls "Family Togetherness".

While I've been breathing deeply and thinking about keeping calm, I've been noticing a new kind of poster popping up on Pinterest. As you do. It's a sort of subway art. Like Keep Calm, you can adapt it and make it your own. Have you seen the ones I mean? Those posters with words to live by; rules for life; funny tips for getting through the day?

Words to live by: I've started thinking about my own. If you had to list the rules - no, not rules, let's call them aims, of your household, what would they be? Or are they values? Anyway, which ones do you hold dear? I made a few notes. Quick ones, stream of consciousness ones; and this is what I came up with. It's interesting, what you can find out about yourself when you do something like this. Seems like I love learning and laughing; and I value honesty and - hope I guess you'd call it.

I used this tutorial from Oopsey Daisy to help with my poster. If you don't have Photoshop, you can make something similar in Picnik - I tried this tutorial and found it very helpful. Or, use up all your leftover alphas instead and glue it down!

And that brings me back to the slogan competition from last week. I had intended to pick my favourite; but that turned out to be too hard because I liked so many of them. So I did a random drawing and Suzy came out as the winner. She said "Keep Calm, it's Only a Creative Opportunity!" and I think that's perfect. Suzy, drop me an email with your address and I'll put something in the post.

So really that just leaves me time today to remind you that it's Storytelling Sunday next week. The penultimate! let's make it a really great one.


Lisa said...

great list. I'd like to create my own but I need to step away from the computer and your list! I'm so easily influenced by the ideas of others. But if I get a list together, I'll let you know. But you are right that these are all over the place online. I have pinned quite a few of them myself I think.

Congrats to Suzy! No wonder you had to do a random drawing - there were so many wonderful ones listed :-)

Alison said...

Love your list!
The shortened version of my list is:
Be kind to people
Laugh Lots
Believe in yourself
Work hard
Alison xx

Jimjams said...

Your list looks pretty good to me :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those links, once I come up with my list I'll be making a poster. Think probably my list has changed a wee bit lately. :)

scrappyjacky said...

Your list looks great,Sian.

Fiona (angelfish) said...

Your list looks like a great set of values to live by :o)

Amy said...

Hey, thanks for the lovely comment on my letter. It certainly has become a controversial issue in cyberland (why bother? Overpopulation will kill us all etc. etc. ) so it was nice to hear something positive :) Let me know if the follow button does start working again, I'm about as technologically minded as a wet flannel so not really sure what I need to do to it... As for your list, really good choices! My mum gave me a mantra when I started going through my A-Levels- eat your elephants a bite at a time. It really helps me to deal with stresses of student life (and I imagine they won't completely disappear once I graduate either...)

Carmen Wing said...

I'ma ctually working on a canvas along similar lines :P Another 'inspired by Pinterest' Project. I've had to step away as I went a layer to far and am liable to lob it out the window. So am taking a break brfore I go back at it with some sandpaper ;)

Will have to check out your tutorials! Thanks for the links :D

Nathalie said...

I have seen them on Pinterest and on Etsy but I did not think of making my own... this is a great idea (even for a page subject!) - Congrats to Suzy and thank you for your kind words on my blog! :D

Alana said...

Hmm, makes you think that list does. I think mine would be:
Always be polite.
Be creative
Laugh often
Live your dreams
Try new things
Drink tea
Care for others
Wow how ossitive am I?

Miss Smith said...

Oooh, I want to try this, it's great! I especially like 'read everything'

Also, yay, storytelling Sunday!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a great list, Sian. Thanks for the inspiration...I'm going to come up with a list for our household too.

Love, love, LOVE Suzy's keep calm slogan. I may have to print that one up myself! ;o)

Louise said...

Most of the things on your list i say to the boys, often! great list xxx

Lynn said...

Yes I've seen those lists and thought they would be great to hang in our hallway. Will have a go with the tutorial link. Enjoy your week of "family togetherness!"

humel said...

Ooh, I like this muchly :) Will have to give some thought to our own family values and aims - thanks for the links!

And congrats to Suzy xx

Ladkyis said...

Penultimate Story-telling Sunday? and then it comes to an end? BUT, But, I have so many........... I'll just keep going then and have a story telling day whenever I feel like it. I'll go through all the very old Holiday scrapbooks and tell the tales and, and, and.... you get the idea don't you
As for Aims and values Hmmmmm I don't have many. To enjoy life and to let my family and friends know how much they are loved. YUp, that's it.

Beverly said...

I've seen alot of these on Pinterest and in our home decor stores and have yet to read anything I disagree with. The Beast and the Sweet One have moved into their first apt this week, maybe I will make them one for Christmas :)

Becky said...

As Ladkyis says - Penultimate? Nooo! Too many stories still to tell! I think I will just have to keep up with the first Sunday of the month being Story Telling Sunday - you have just set a tradition going there! Aims and Values? Your list looks good!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great list Sian - one of the things about being so busy is that I don't have time lately to contemplate important questions. Sigh.
I'm sure the gist of mine would be . . . At the end of the day, would your kids be proud of what you did?
Thanks for the reminder on Storytelling Sunday. Will there be a Christmas Club this year?

Bubbles said...

My daughter (a Dr Who fan) has a poster that reads "Keep Calm & carry a Sonic Screwdriver". Personally, I'd have one that reads "Keep Calm & let someone else do the panicking". I love this PINterest poster ... I'd have to include "Dance a little each day" too.

Suzy said...

Morning. Glad everyone liked my slogan - I make so many crafting booboos I need to take that attitude!! I will need to see if there is somewhere I can get a poster of it made up for my blog and my craft room wall

I love the other posters too and am off to think about what I would like on mine

Anonymous said...

It is a great list, and one most of us would be happy to live by! I like Rinda's end of the day thought as well, and Suzy's slogan is so perfect for most of us!

Melissa said...

The penultimate already? Wow, this year has flown by hasn't it?

Great list - I really like that it ends with Read Everything! If only there were enough hours in the day.

Wanda said...

Your poster seems so true to you. Tho I only know you via your blog and your comments on my and others' blogs, it's obvious to me that you really do live by, and for, the ideas and principles you listed.

Rachel Brett said...

Great list Sian, I like how you have created it. Very inspiring :)

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