Thursday, 2 March 2017

March Projects at Gossamer Blue

There's a stiff breeze blowing round here today: just the kind I love to see at the beginning of March. It's brisk, it's an energy boost, it's just what I need, because I still have lots of paper I'd like to play with. The March kits from Gossamer Blue 

Sian F: March projects at Gossamer Blue

- all fresh greens and pops of yellow and shots of blue - are perfect for pages about getting outside, so I looked for out and about pictures and first of all I found this one, which I took last summer when we were stuck in a traffic jam. I have a thing for Highland cattle, so I couldn't resist.

For my other projects this month I tried something something new. I have a Traveller's Notebook! And it now has two pages. This one:

SianF: March projects at Gossamer Blue

Out and about, see?

And this one:

SianF: March projects at Gossamer Blue

in which I paired a photo of Molly Malone with a note of our favourite St. Patrick's Day feast. It'll soon be time to fry up a batch (and what this page really should note is that it has to be eaten fresh for best deliciousness). I don't often do themed embellishments, but how could I possibly resist? 

We're off on a road trip this weekend and I'm hoping to collect some more lucky green stories. See you soon?

Everything today made with Main, Life Pages and Planner kits from March at Gossamer Blue.


Lizzie said...

We have enjoyed your potato cake recipe several times now. Yes,they are definitely best when eaten fresh, but they do keep well (if you can resist the temptation!).

Love the yellows, blues and greens. Really right for those outdoor adventure photos. I like the little notebook (but then you know I have a thing about little books :) )

Karen said...

Ah, spring colors are certainly welcome here. We, too, have a stiff breeze blowing, but it's blowing in bitterly cold weather and some snow. What a lovely way to use a Traveler's Notebook! Have a great time this weekend.

Patio Postcards said...

Your Traveler's Notebook is starting with a WOW beginning; really like that first page of the sheep on the hills. Of course the big layout is quite delightful (I'm with you on the highland cattle) & oh yes to potato bread, but I will take my toasted, thank you very much. Happy weekend roaming.

Susan said...

It's wonderful to see such lovely spring color. We should be seeing some around here soon, I hope. It definitely pairs well with outside photos and I hope you enjoy working in your traveler's notebook.

Theresa said...

That stiff breeze appears to have blown your unmentionable week in my direction - March has not started out well :-( although I did get new glasses in the post - so maybe something to blog about on Monday?! I love highland cattle too, and have some fun photos of them. Yesterday one of the larger horned beasts had escaped the enclosure, and was happily munching on the wrong side of the fence!! I will be interested to follow your travellers notebook adventure. I've tried to make my own, without too much satisfaction, but I did use a similar system some years back with a regular notebook when I was mostly away from home and had limited supplies. Thanks for continuing to inspire me. Have a good weekend. Theresa

Lizzy Hill said...

Love love love your traveller's journal! Looks fantastic.... & so does your page! Hope you have a wonderful time on the's almost here now:) I really, really like that green colour, too. VERY nice:):)

Bev said...

love that notebook. i found your blog through ladkys. i am a fellow crafter and am so excited by all the possibilities that paper, yarn, material etc bring. if you like to visit it bev at
thanks, i'm off to poke around your blog some more!

Melissa said...

That kit is definitely perfect for "out & about" pages. The traveler's notebook looks great - such a FUN size!

Ruth said...

The 'cow' page is lovely and your travellers' notebook looks wonderful ... such gorgeous colours!

alexa said...

Perfect greens for your Highland friend ... and I am always interested in your lovely Traveller's Notebook, of course. Ah, potato bread! My Mum used to cut ours with a fluted scone cutter, so they looked like little golden potato daisies :).

alexandra s.m. said...

Love both your beautiful new layout and your TN!
Would love to see more of your TN!!

Jo said...

That potato bread sounds delicious and I love the spring colours you've used on your pages x

Gail Thompson said...

What lovely colours and as usual your layout is so great to look at. I haven't really been keeping up so a travelers notebook is something for me to go look up.

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