Tuesday 23 March 2010

The Pop Up Tuckshop

The Accountant is generally a happy man in his work. I don't claim to know a lot about what he does, but I believe he's really quite good at it. That's an interesting thought, because when it comes to the domestic economy he's more than happy to let me decide how much to spend on what (I know, I know. I'm not complaining).

So I wasn't surprised (one day last week) to see his eyes light up when The Small One stopped forking in the spaghetti for a moment and said:
"Why would anyone want to sell shares in their own company? Then they can't keep all the money."
He knows his job and he knows his girl. She thinks fast, so a quick run through cash flow theory and she helped herself to an ice lolly and skipped off happy. While we continued the conversation:

"Business Studies," he said "She could do Business Studies. Learn early. Make a mint. Can you imagine her project work? I think they make you form a company and sell things to your friends. I bet she'd come up with something snack related. Mmm, though most of  the good stuff is banned in school now. She'd have to go underground. Black market Bubblies and crisps on credit. Wait!" and he paused for breath.
I know! She could have a Pop-Up Tuckshop. Different location every breaktime to avoid detection. She could tweet when and where. This could be big.."

But, as you know, things move fast in the world of high finance. That was last week. This is now. And he has just announced that he knows someone opening a milkshake parlour on the road between home and school. The last time I saw them they had their heads together, wondering if she'd need to bring her own apron.

Today I'm Loving..if you are starting to love 6x12 layouts too, check out the sketches at PageMaps. Look under "Half Maps" and you can print out a selection.


Amy said...

:-) hehehe
Things move fast at your place!

Cheri said...

Interesting conversations at your place.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

LOL - very cute story about your girl and her dad. :o) I love when you share these conversations.

Thanks for the link to PageMaps. It was fun to see all the 6x12's and I'm really wanting to do some layouts in that size!!!

scrappyjacky said...

She could take Horsey as her 'enforcer'!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great story! DD here is a bit of a schemer too, but DS is happy to sit and watch the business world go by!
BTW, you're the second UK friend to post a Mars picture recently! Love those - the US Mars bars are rubbish!

Ruth said...

I can't wait to have similar conversations with DS like this! Thanks for the tip about pagemaps.

Lizzie said...

It would be an interesting start to her entrepreneurial career - to be arrested by the School gestapo, for selling contraband tuck items!

I love the story, Sian. You are a lively lot in your house.

And yes, I am also coming round to the idea of 6x12" layouts. They seem to have a certain something about them, which is quite different from the square formats. I do like many of the layouts I've seen during Shimelle's course and I have it in mind to have a go myself (whenever I may get time, of course!!)

Amanda said...

I think the small one is quite capable of coming up with an invention to make her fortune :)

A story to make you smile. Keep us up to date with the black market tuckshop.

Anna said...

I'm a firm believer in always bringing my own apron ...

Love your posts Sian. They always make me smile :)

Clair said...

Fantastic story. Made me smile from ear to ear x

humel said...

I shall be watching The Small One's career with interest :-)

SarahLP said...

hee-hee.. I do love a bit of entrepreneurial spirit! The Small One will go far, without a doubt!

debs14 said...

Wow, a Mars bar shop just round the corner from school ... if she franchises out to Hertfordshire, count me in!
When I started working at the school in 2001 we had a 'chocolate trolley' that the lady in the finance office would wheel into the hall to sell chocolate snacks to the kids at break time. She was the most popular person in the place! That would never happen now though, there is a real need for black market chocolate to feed the staff's addiction!

Carmen said...

Oh I love this story! The images it creates :P She wouldn't be out of place in a Horrid Henry storyline... along my with my lot!

This did make me smile, thanks Sian!

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