Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Page And A Thank You

Door shouted Sheriff Horsey from the sofa. It was Thursday afternoon and he had taken a break from the heavy business of ruling the Hobby Horse world. he was putting his feet  foot up and channel surfing in that weirdly annoying manner men use when they know they should actually be doing something more useful.

So it was down to me to get the door and, well, I'm very glad I did. Look:

My gift from Lizzie's giveaway had arrived. And how lovely it is, so beautifully packaged for Spring, with a chatty note and the gorgeous extra of a  notebook she made herself. See the little green one? Maybe she has some more in her etsy shop. It's worth a look. Inside the tissue paper I found the miniature bound book from Badbooks. Beautiful! Thank you Lizzie. I was so pleased I took a break from the ironing and had a nice cup of coffee instead.

Today I'm (still) Loving..6x12 because I've found it's a great size to use the photos from the little Pogo printer I got for Christmas


Rhona said...

How lovely to get mail like that, it all looks very cute. Love the latest layout, it's come together so nicely.

Lizzie said...

Oooh, I'm so glad you like your little giveaway prize, and the extra notebook!
Love the Horsey story - he should have a blog of his own, or at least join Twitter - he'd get quite a following I think.

The Edinburgh Rock page is lovely. I like the doiley effect of the paper - so appropriate for sweeties - and is that a real mini-doiley in the background there?
All very pretty and dainty-looking.
I really think I will try 6"x12" myself - so many folks are producing some lovely layouts and it seems to inspire a different type of layout to the square formats.

Amanda said...

Love the subtle colours of your layout and the velvet (is it velvet?) ribbon looks just lovely. What a fantastic giveaway BTW.

scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely parcel to get....all looks gorgeous.
Love this page....the doileys [spelling??] and the ruching look great.

humel said...

Any excuse to have a break from the ironing is by definition a good excuse. This was the best of excuses :-) Love your page too x

Denise said...

What lovely post to receive and it definitely deserved a break from the ironing. Your layout is lovey, I really like the colours and that velvetty ribbon x

sharyncarlson said...

Gorgeous LO! I love what you did with the paper. Who makes it?? And the ribbon is so pretty stitched that way!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the colors in your l/o. The shade of pink in your title is perfect, as are the yellow/cream in the patterned paper.
Totally lovely!

Micayla said...

You lucky thing, glad you grabbed the door!
Love the page too.....seriously considering trying 6x12 now.
Enjoy the rest of the day.

Cheri said...

Lucky you - how fun! I've done one album 6x12 and LOVE the size!

Carmen Wing said...

Now that's the sort of thing you like the postie to deliver :D Definitely worth the break to savour.

Love the page and all the yummy textures you have going on there.

debs14 said...

Nice to see Horsey has you all running around doing all the work still!
How lucky you were to win that lovely prize!
Love your pages and I really do NEED to find a 6 x 12 album now so I can do that size next time.

Amy said...

Lovely LO Sian and I'm liking what the postman delivered - Lizzie is so clever.

Julie Kirk said...

Loving the 6x12s. Any chance of a post which would convince me either way on the PoGo? I'm so drawn to that size of photo :D

Scrappi Sandi said...

How nice to have a real 'ME time' break in the day!!

I'm loving your 6x12 LO's...I've not used this size before but I may at some looks so good!! Youe Edinburgh Rock page is just gorgeous...I'm loving how you 3D'd the PP in the bottom half!

The Scrappy Tree said...

What lovely goodies! And a beautiful page :)

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