Monday, 23 November 2009

Party On Sian

It's a Monday morning which could have felt very flat here at High In The Sky. We partied hard this weekend with Rinda and Helena and everyone who was kind enough to come along. And what a lot of fun was had by all! I want to thank everyone who took the time to stop by. I have loved reading your very kind comments..hey, lets do it again sometime! Maybe I'll do party bags! Or cake.
Because I'm still in the mood for cake today. Hooray! Over the last couple of weeks I've met so many wonderful bloggers I can hardly begin to count. Some of them are starting to feel like old (or maybe they'd prefer young and vibrant) friends already. They are inspiring and interesting..and very, very generous. If I had any mantelpieces, I'd be starting to polish them up, ready for the first of my blogging awards. This one

which has come from Mel. She's a talented writer and crafter and an all-round excellent encourager; and she deserves a very big thank-you. She sent me some questions to answer. And after cogitating and deliberating, I have come up with this:
  1. Where is your mobile phone?   Who knows? Probably upstairs
  2. Your hair?   Short and not entirely natural
  3. Your Mother?    Still hangin' in there
  4. Your Father?    Sadly. no longer with us
  5. Your favourite food?    Roast potatoes
  6. Your dream last night?    Don't even go there..
  7. Your favourite drink?    Black coffee. It's basically my only drink
  8. Your dream?    To keep on blogging til they have to prise this laptop from my cold, stiff hands
  9. What room are you in?    Kitchen
  10. Your hobby?    Chasing penguins (to be continued)
  11. Your fear?    I'll run out of things to say
  12. In 6 years you'll be?    Still here, still blogging
  13. Where were you last night?    Stretched out on my new mattress
  14. Something you aren't?    Ginger
  15. Muffins?    No thank you. Not today. I'm in the mood for crisps
  16. Wish list Item    Shoes which fit (also to be continued)
Now I'm thinking hard about passing it on. It's too hard! I'll have to get back to you on that one, I guess.

Today I'm new recipe for Edinburgh Rock. If you want to make your teeth sing ..this one's for you. Soon.


Maria Ontiveros said...

So glad to hear that you'll still be blogging, even with class over! I know I'll still be checking in.
Your new (young & vibrant) friend,

scrappyjacky said...

Love your answers,Sian.....but you've really got to elaborate about the penguins....the mind boggles.

Tinkertaylor said...

Penguins and shoes need to know more and how could you pass on a muffin!
Hope I'm included in the young and vibrant gang

Lizzie said...

Is that Penguins And Well-fitting shoes, or Penguins IN Well-fitting shoes? Can't wait - good thing you're on my follow list for updates.

Edinburgh Rock... you know, I never actually thought about it. There has to be a recipe to make it, or how does it happen. Yet, I never considered it might be made at home. I will wait with interest...

Your blog continues wonderful as ever and I don't think you will run out of things to say - you are too original!
Anyway, if you did, you could always invent it! Like a story about a penguin shopping for shoes...

debs14 said...

Chasing penguins?
The mind boggles!
Could this be a new event for the 2012 Olympics?

humel said...

Young and vibrant, please!!

Chasing penguins - that's SO funny!! I'm going to be chasing some penguins myself over the next few weeks!! Amazing coincidence!!

(Really, truly, I am....)

humel said...

I got so distracted by the penguins that I completely forgot to *blush* at your lovely comments, thank you.... And to *lol* at the thought that you might ever run out of things to say!! Never gonna happen, m'dear... ;-)

catrin said...

can't wait for the edinburgh rock and the next installments

Beverly said...

my curiosity is now up so don't delay too long blogging about penguins and shoes and....what ARE Edinburg Rocks?? asks this American Southerner

Can't wait to read your answers on the "At 17" blog party ;)

Amy said...

Congratulations Sian, your blog is always a pleasure to read. What on earth is Edinburgh Rock?

Casey Wright said...

I LOVE your blog - you are hilarious... Can't wait to hear about the penguins and shoes - always a pleasure!

Tara said...

Very excited about the Edinburgh Rock recipe, always loving a new recipe!!!

Melanie said...

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. As a beginner it means a whole lot to know someone took the time to read and to comment.
Thanks so much!

Melanie said...

Oh and I also really enjoyed browsing thru your posts and I will check back often!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your answers, and got a few chuckles. Can't wait to read the continuations.

sharyncarlson said...

Well deserved, love reading your blog. I'll be checking back to hear more about these penguins!

Unknown said...

Penguins and shoes... looking forward to reading more. Interested in your Edinburgh Rock recipe,not something I had ever thought about trying to make at home.

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