Wednesday 25 November 2009

It's Atomic

Today I'm Loving...The Small One's latest Science Project. She tells me it's Fluorine; but as I have to yet to discover my inner boffin, I can't confirm this. I do know that its nucleus isn't all it should be. Due to unavoidable m&m scoffing. Still looks good, though. Coat hangers and orange string can be a tricky combination in a controlled environment.

I'm also loving the fact that I have two more blogging awards to show. What a lovely lot you are! First of all this:

which I received from two lovely bloggers I know. Angela has one of the prettiest headers you are ever likely to see. She is busy planning her wedding and her very stylish picks of the best in wedding everything are well worth a look. She's a talented scrapbooker too. Her celebration pages are going to be beautiful! Now Deb is a new blogging friend of mine. She's funny, she's got a lovely new haircut and she knows a thing or too about chocolate cake (and scrapbooking). Thank you!
And then I received this:

from another new blogging mate. Jo who loves to scrapbook and has a healthy interest in fudge making. I hear she's pretty good on the flute too. Thanks, Jo!
Getting awards means answering questions. And I'm cheating a bit here by running two together. But there's only so much a girl can divulge in one day. Here you go:
  1. The Small One and I share a shoe size. She's 11. I'm not. My feet are way too small for their own good and that means most of my shoes are flat boots and trainers from childrens departments. Cheap. But also, well, cheap. The fancy ones don't stay on.
  2. I still have my sisters Dundee Cake recipe which I pinched from her many, many years ago. She's only finding this out now.
  3. I really, really have a problem with penguins. They just don't like me. And that's okay. It's their choice. But I don't see why they have to use physical violence. You go to the zoo. You see a cute little penguin. You offer it an upturned hand (like your mum told you to do when you meet a dog for the first time) and it tries to take your arm off. If you are ever unlucky enough to get really close to a penguin, watch it very closely. It can't be trusted.
  4. My favourite game when I was little was "Employment Agencies". I sat in the office and hired out my brother and sister for extortionate reasonable rates.
  5. My cycling proficiency certificate actually belongs to Stan. Not Sian. That "t" made a lot of difference.
That's it for today. Thank you again for the awards. I'm going to save handing them out again for a rainy day. When you're least expecting it. Something nice for the New Year perhaps. Oh, and I've had questions about Edinburgh Rock. Now, how would you describe it?


Micayla said...

Science eh....not a topic I really enjoyed at school. However things look a little more fun now.
Love the ruffle layout Sian, I am soooo into ruffles at the moment!

Angela said...

Sian, thank you for the lovely description of my blog! See - that's why you make me smile :)
Can I just say I had a little chuckle out loud at the thought of you playing "employment agencies" - brilliant

humel said...

My The Boy is a scientist.... I teach his class science once a week at the moment and he knows more than I do. Slightly offputting.... :-(

I don't have a problem with penguins, but did you know that even cute little fluffy baby squirrels have teeth sharp enough to nearly take the end of your finger off???

humel said...

PS No certificates where my name is wrong. But do you think a marriage certificate is valid if they got my age wrong?

debs14 said...

So nice to learn a bit more about you!
And I'm sure the teachers will be so impressed by the science homework. You just have to keep those last lonely M&Ms securely out of chocolate lovers way!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Nice nucleus! LOL! Science projects can definitely be fun. DS won quite a few awards with his, which seemed to be based on boys playing basketball and having squirt gun fights. He also grew the biggest plant in 7th grade! DD will start on an earth model after the holidays.

ceruleanblue said...

Hee hee, the cycling proficency certificate is funny Sian lol!!

catrin said...

No i didn't know you had my recipe- think i might make one with xmas, wonder where you can buy icing penguins for decoration. loving your blog as always!!

scrappyjacky said...

So no cute penguin xmas card for you then....but maybe he was shortsighted.....our 'Vets Pension Plan' almost took OH's finger off thinking it was a stick.....and when you're a don't let go. is definately not my thing....I still remember exploding bunsen burners!

JO SOWERBY said...

aww i love can they not like you my friend. i have trouble with people spelling my name all the time but i have learnt the emergency alphabet so i'm sierra, oscar, whiskey etc all the time these days to get it right!
love the new header, very swish
Jo xxx

Tinkertaylor said...

Great post as always, all I can remember about science is dropping pebbles into water and recording wave patterns. I took great interest because I thought it would be so so useful in adult life!!!!! Never used it in the 29 years I worked in for a bank. But DS has just got his Bsc Physics so maybe I passed on the gene?

Amy said...

Maybe just keep away from the penguins altogether - we are teaching the kids about approaching animals at the moment, must remind them that upturned hand is unlikely to be successful when approaching a penguin! And, as for number four - my sister used to write contracts for us all and have them co-signed by Mum and Dad ... she works in HR now!

Liberty :) said...

lol at the penguins!!

I love the new layout I spotted it last night and thought it looked cool. It was 1am then though so I was too weary to comment :)

Heather said...

Looking good!!
Yes that T would make a BIG difference LOL

Mary said...

I love your favourite game as a child.....why didn't I think of that as I had 3 younger brothers! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You have really made me smile, Sian! x alexa

Anonymous said...

Huh...I thought the p-thing was the good guy:)

Amy said...

The header looks great Sian - very appropriate.

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