Monday 10 April 2017

Memos, Mail, Me: Never So Young

So Monday: how old is too old? If it takes most of the next day to recover? Would that be it?

The (Not So) Small One and her boyfriend (if he's sticking around, and I think he might be, I'll have to give him a name..) took me out on Saturday night, to see a Smiths tribute band. Those two know as much about the music as I do, and I was there the first time round, in the eighties, with the albums and the baggy shirts. Many of us singing and shouting on Saturday night were looking for the nostalgia, so I wasn't the most ancient of the audience. There was that guy: the bouncer who threw me out of the Students Union once, for trying to get in on somebody else's student card. I never forget a face. We've stayed in the same area. I see him around. If I'd known he was a Smiths fan way back then, I might have thought to distract him with a clever Morrissey based question. You live and learn.

Take recovery, for example. Now I know how much it takes, these days, after a night out. You can probably hear that I'm still a bit hoarse. Though I could see the stage! In the first check-up to have gone the right way in many months here I discovered that my eyes haven't changed this year. So I left the opticians and walked up the street feeling no older and carrying a purse feeling no lighter. Then I got home.

Did you go out in those old lady boots?

my dear daughter asked. How can biker boots be old lady?

If you have to ask, she said..

So I ignored her and opened my post, which contained three richly coloured skeins of Rosy Green Wool. For a shawl.

I give up! she shouted, and made to leave.

When you see this finished, you are going to want one for yourself, young lady. There's nothing "old" about wanting to try something new. I've never knitted a shawl: there'll be techniques to try and colour combinations to explore if I like this one, dozens of them to look forward to.

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before I said (and if you were singing on Saturday night you'll see what I did there). You'll never be as young again as you are today. And that counts for both of us.

I seem to have come up with another rambling memo for this week. How about you? Any news? Anything in your mail? Or have you learned anything new? We'd love to hear . Make a memo! And have a great week!

  Melissa, Deb, Ruth, Helena, Jane, Alison, Barb, Mary-Lou, Ladkyis, Maggie, Alexandra, Barbara, KraftyKaren, Honore, Karen and Mitra all joined in last week. Go on, give 'em a wave!


Julie Kirk said...

Maybe it's the name .. call it a wrap or oversized-scarf and she'll *so* want one of those shawls when she sees it!

I just commented on Deb's Monday memo - about how faimlies keep changing shape .. and now there's TSO taking *you* out somewhere. Always evolving!

Have a lovely week, you, your boots, and your shawl, Have you got a rocking chair? That would really complete the look ... and would be soooo comfy (because clearly I'm an old lady beyond hope now too. Happy to keep you company.) x

helena said...

I'm always surprised when 'the younger ones' know 'my music'. sounds a great night and well worth the recovery time. Love your shawl colours. Have a great week

Susan said...

I definitely feel much younger on the inside and it's hard to be confronted with reality after a big weekend (and sometimes it doesn't have to be all that big). Hope your week is calm and relaxing and you're able to spend lots of time with that beautiful yarn.

Patio Postcards said...

Your shawl does look a treat & colours to suit. I like Julie's suggestions for re-branding the project.

Hope you have a great week ahead ... I am sure a name for TSO's friend will come to you :)

Ali said...

I wonder how I got by with not much sleep when the kids were younger as I can't stay up past 10 now - rock and roll!! Happy knitting xx

Maggie said...

Now they say you should never wear the same fashion twice when it comes back round and I recall we all had shawls to wear over our smart dresses at college in the late 70s . Then there were ponchos too. I had one of them! I am pretty sure you are a bit younger than me and missed all that.
Now did you wear your new matching print outfits you 'accidentally ' ordered. They would have looked good on your combined night out but I kind of guess your daughter might not agree there.

Jo said...

It sounds like you had a great night. I love the colours you've picked for your shawl and can't wait to see it knitted up :)

debs14 said...

That's not a shawl, it's a very trendy wrap and if she's not careful, you won't knit her one when she sees how lovely it turns out and begs you to make her one!
Pleased to hear that the eyes are remaining youthful - I suspect my optician apt in a couple of weeks time will not be full of such news, and will cost considerably more than just the cost of the eye test :-(

Karen said...

I came home this morning with a clean bill of health from my annual physical--a huge relief since the last three months have been difficult, resulting in multiple diagnostic procedures and a fair amount of discomfort. Being quite a bit older than you, I have to say that I am concerned about staying as youthful as possible. My grandson just got a T-shirt inscribed with "Class of 2030," and he's one of the older grandchildren. I didn't like the number I calculated when I wondered how old I'd be at his high school graduation! The bigger question is what do I need to do to be sure I'm HERE for it. Never really faced mortality in quite the same way before.

Alison said...

I sympathise totally with the recovery issue...just a very late night plays havoc with me these days! That most definitely looks like wrap to me ...and I agree: by the time it's finished TNSSO will be begging for one!! xx

alexandra s.m. said...

Your shawl will be beautiful Sian!
I'm glad you are well and in good spirit!
Always enjoy reading your posts my Friend~

Jane said...

I had to smile Sian, I was out at the weekend watching Sunny Afternoon and reliving my youth again as a dedicated Kinks fan. Feeling very delicate now and a bit flat so ordered some wool to make, you've guessed it, a shawl!

Lizzy Hill said...

I don't really 'do' no idea about bands & things. Nice that you can relate so well on certain levels, at least! I'd rather have old lady boots than old lady's eyes, so you're doing well. Can't wait 'til you open the door to her in your Old Lady's Shawl, That would be SOOOO FUNNY. Hope you add the slippers, a few rollers in your hair and face cream as well. Oh, & cuppa in hand, heeeeheeeeeeee!!!!!

Honoré said...

I look forward to the shawl and the young one is going to like it too...the quote you shared was perfect. One day she will have her turn to pass it on...Happy that your checkup was positive, in more ways than one...and thanks for the reminder that I have a script for new glasses waiting for me to fill...don't know why I keep putting it off...have. A good week!

alexa said...

I bet in the years to come the NSSO will be wanting that shawl ... I like the word 'shawl' better than 'wrap' - the latter makes me thing of cold floppy things trying unsuccessfully to hold food together. 'Shawl' is warm, comforting, and enveloping :). And yours is going to be a delight, with those colours.

Jennifer Shaw said...

That yarn looks so yummy! I used to get fashion advice form my eldest daughter. I think she has either grown up or given up. Glad to hear that you had a fun night out. Now I have to Google who The Smiths are.

Ladkyis said...

OH, oh it looks like one of those triangular ones where you increase at one end of a row and decrease a different amount at the other end............. if you see what I mean. I loved knitting one of those as a scarf, I haven't knitted a shawl either, perhaps I will take a look.
and to answer your question about my new vacuum cleaner I have used it again since Monday!!! Mr M thinks it is absolutely hysterical that I had to be 70 before I found a cleaner I liked using. It will soon wear off

Melissa said...

Oh, it sounds like a great night out! I hear you about the recovery time - I only had three days turn around after our vacation, then headed to the four day retreat (where I had a room with several rather noisy sleepers!). It's taken me all week to feel like myself again - LOL!

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