Wednesday 7 December 2016

Sneaky Selfie

Sometime at the beginning of the summer, I found a catalogue lying on our doormat. It was unlike any other I'd seen since the "Clothkits" brochures of the '70's, with line drawings of the clothes on offer, alongside the photographs of the dozens of possible combinations. It was by Gudrun Sjoden

Sian F Get It Scrapped

and although I didn't buy anything, I didn't throw the catalogue away, which is always a sign I'm thinking about it. So when I discovered we were going to be close to an actual bricks and mortar Gudrun store, in Berlin, in August, I had to have a look around. And take pictures. I couldn't resist.

And, no, I didn't buy anything; though I did try on a tunic and I brought home the autumn catalogue, which has been in my bedside reading pile ever since.

I liked my Gudrun photos so much that I decided to use them for a Get It Scrapped sketch challenge; and my page appeared on their blog last week (details of the other pages and the sketch are here), round about the same time that I got an email

made using a kit by Felicity Jane

Hello Sian: you haven't tried us yet

Gudrun was tempting me, with a voucher and a gift..mmm...I could just have a look. No! Mustn't! Too many other things to buy right now.

Until today: this very day, when I had already planned to post my page, I received another email:

Hi Sian, take 20% off our tunics

It was a done deal. Gudrun even let me combine my offers and then sent me a note

You have a colourful parcel to look forward to!

I have! Forget the fact that I bought the grey one! Maybe next time I'll go bold. But first? Might need to add a postscript to that journaling..


Patio Postcards said...

Oh lucky you that Santa is delivering - the grey tunic could lead to a lovely knitted scarf in colourful colours or a handcraft necklace, you just never know what the elves can pull off!

A very cheerful & fun layout.

Maggie said...

They certainly have a good sales talk which worked! Enjoy your new purchase.

Ali said...

Ooh nothing better than a bit of discount to seal the deal xxx hope you share with us your purchase xxx

Susanne said...

Darling snaps and page, Sian. And yes, keeping those catalogues more often than not leads to something. How nice you enjoyed the double discount too.

Sandra said...

It was just meant to be.

Susan said...

I guess the old adage is really true - good things come to those who wait! Fun page and I hope you enjoy your purchase!

Karen said...

Hoping there'll be a photo so we can see the tunic on the model! Great page; great story!

alexandra s.m. said...

Beautiful page and this palette is stunning!
And as always, you have managed to tell your story in such an artistic way!

Lizzy Hill said...

Hahaaaa! No, you don't need to amend your journaling. Just do another page with the tunic and story continued so we can see it! And you in it would be nice. A double spread for your scrapbook :) Oh, those shops have their ways of engaging us, eh?!!!!!

Ruth said...

Haha, clever marketing! Look forward to seeing a shot of you wearing said tunic.

alexa said...

Lovely page with those pretty pops of colour - and I like your dipped letters too. I have ordered several things from said company but always find their sizes don't suit me. Looking forward to hearing about yours :).

Melissa said...

What a FUN page & continuation of the story with the emails & order!

Jo said...

That is a really lovely page and how nice is it to have a parcel on the way :)

Missus Wookie said...

Gudrun's clothes are lovely - I wear a lot of them (especially on sale) and have used bits from her ads and catalogs in my crafting.

Met Gudrun a couple of times now (she pops in the London shop fairly often).

Joining the club brings discounts too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice, a new sweater to look forward too. How nice that they combined the offers.

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