Thursday 3 November 2016

November Projects at Gossamer Blue

Oh, I'm so glad I'm talking about scrapbooking today! That way I don't have to tell you about knitting, yesterday, and the 246 stitch pick up. That's a whole lot of sweater to get back on a needle again..

So, scrapbooking. It's November, she said, stating the obvious, but, hurray! I have always looked forward to autumn kits most keenly. I can't wait for a rifle through the paper to see if there any leaves to cut out, any embellishments to help me record my favourite stay-inside activities, any hints of what we might expect of December. And November at Gossamer Blue has it all. This is what I made:

First of all

Sian F November projects at Gossamer Blue

I did a diary page. Yes: an excuse to use the leaf rub ons and cut out some leafy stamped images; but, after a couple of weeks of no real scrapbooking I did so want to cut paper, so I began without any real plan in mind. At one point this was almost a photo less page; but at the last minute I trimmed a picture of me holding an autumn leaf (taken from my instagram feed) into a little banner.

More and more, these days, my pages are turning into diary entries rather than the stories I began my scrapbooking by recording. I suppose I've told lots of the family tales I've had stored up and now we're all moving forwards.

Or perhaps looking forward, to our next adventure

Sian F November Projects at Gossamer Blue

I also made this one:

which came about because I wanted to see what I could do with the map printed on a 6x6 piece of patterned paper from the Shimelle GoNowGo pad in this month's Bits & Pieces kit. Of course I cut round it! I mean every word of the journaling: it could have been easy to look at this pair, on their phones, instead of looking up and around on a walk round Berlin, and roll my eyes. But although, of course, I do shout look at that! all the time when we're away, I'm still glad to see them happy to stay in touch with friends. When I was that age we didn't have that opportunity and a long summer holiday could feel isolating for a gregarious teenager. I don't mind the phones, honestly, most of the time. Unless someone feels compelled to keep up a running commentary of cricket scores..

So far,then, that's what I've scrapbooked for November. I still have a clutch of red and natural toned pages on my desk, from the Main Kit, because I'm starting to think about Christmas cards..maybe..just a little..


Everything here made with the beautiful November selections at Gossamer Blue right here.


Barbara Eads said...

I feel your pain about the dropped knitting stitches. And about the phones---it's just the way of youth these days. I don't mind except I don't want them at the dinner table! As for me, if I were looking at my phone all the time, you can be sure I'd have another fall!! I guess I'm sort of in the same boat as my looking down is related to watching where I'm going at all times!

Patio Postcards said...

I like the idea of scrapping/diary pages. I also hold tight to a fantastic November & that is not saying that my (our) October was horrible, just challenging in many ways.

Jo said...

Lovely pages, you've really made me want to grab some autumn supplies and get scrapping!

Lizzy Hill said...

I'm no fan (understatement) of fussy cutting.... but these almost.... almost make me want to rush out to the craft room & grab my scissors!!!! Just lovely.... interesting how your scrapping is evolving, too:) go with the flow & what feels right I reckon:):)

Maggie said...

As you already know I too am glad to say goodbye to October. I hope things look up for you. I agree it's great the way they can keep up with their friends. However will when they reach our (well my) age still have a shoebox of letters in the bottom of their wardrobe? Letters from pen friends around the world and in particular hilarious letters from my best friend who had moved to the Lake District with embarrassing details of our latest loves and hates! Now I think about it perhaps it's time to chuck some out or shall I get them out for a good laugh next time she comes to stay?

debs14 said...

How the heck did nearly 250 stitches come off the needle? Oh my goodness, I would have been so frustrated, and I bet they are narrow needles too.
You make such lovely pages, I do hope you have albums out on display in all rooms so visitors can browse through them!

Susanne said...

Love your understated use of the autumn colors Sian. So effective, especially on reflective journal pages.

Ruth said...

Three different, yet equally lovely pages. And thanks for the tip about using the Shimelle designed map of the world.

Karen said...

Your knitting story is one reason why I never got hooked on it. Dropped stitches were a common occurrence. I love the diary page, and although I also love the little photo banner, it seems to me the whole page would have been fine without a photo. Scrapping without a photo seems odd, but it this case the papers and embellishments are just wonderful with your note. Story (sometimes told with photos, and sometimes with words) is really the point of it all. I'm with Barbara, no phones at the dinner table, but I appreciate the ability to contact my kids with a quick text, and almost always get a much swifter reply than if I tried email.

Sandie said...

Dropped stitches are always a challenge, but 250 of them?! That is epic!
As for mobiles - I think it is sad the way so many people are permanently connected. I remember being on an island with my granddaughters in the summer and one of them walked along glued to her mobile. When I asked why she wasn't taking in the views and enjoying the experience she informed me she had taken photos as we'd walked and was in the process of making them into a video. Sometimes I have to eat my words and try to remember that technology is used by the younger generation in a very different way to what I am used to.
Your pages are as beautiful as ever and I love what you did with the photo of you holding a leaf. I did not notice that in the banner until you said. It's interesting how our style slowly changes over time. As a story teller I am sure you have many more waiting to be told, but everything has a time and place.
I've missed browsing blogs and it's so lovely to pop by and catch up.

Jennifer Shaw said...

I love your pages and your diary entry style. This kit looks amazing. LOL about the phones. Yes, the new generation is different but we would have been the same as young adults for sure. Rob's phone used to "ping" every time any team in the NFL scored. Sundays were really loud and drove me crazy. He eventually turned if off, thank goodness!

Susan said...

Great pages - I really love your style! It's fresh, fun, and airy with a little whimsy too, and always great journaling. I can really identify with the phone comments - our two girls are never without them. But at least they use them to keep in touch with us often, or send us funny links or things they think we would enjoy, so the technology does have an up side too I guess.

alexandra s.m. said...

Hello dear Sian,

Lovely layouts!
I love and totally understand how your pages would be more like a diary these days.
Thank you for letting us peek into your artful life and thus reflect upon the way we want to record ours.

Have a great week-end!

alexa said...

Golly, if I had dropped that may stitches and then had to pick them up again, I think I'd have needed to lie in a darkened room for a week - I certainly wouldn't have had the creative energy to come up with three such lovely pages. I love the sense of space yet colour and interesting detail. Fussy cutting? That'd be right up there with picking up dropped stitches! Full of admiration ... And I do hope your November is better, and that there are recoveries all round.

Mitralee said...

It's all falling leaves here, hot drinks, and sweaters! Do love this season, except maybe the chill in the air! Lovely pages! Glad you got your paper on! Happy happy!

Melissa said...

Such lovely creations, as always. It's definitely great to welcome a new month after a rough one! Praying this month will bring lots of healthy & happy times to all of you!

Sandra said...

You have such creative flair and style, and your pages just get me itching to scrapbook

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