Friday, 10 June 2016

Double the Double: Two Pagers, Two Ways

With the disappearance once again of one of our number, as he heads off to his first internship, and all the talk of holidays to look forward on his return, I've been thinking over the travel scrapbooking I've done in the past. And my thoughts have taken me to a double pager I made as my contribution way back last year to the class on Vacation Albums over at Craft With May (still available self paced, as far as I know). I made a double page layout, like this:

Sian Fair

 But the I made another version of the right hand side which looks like this:

Sian Fair

Because I wanted to explore ideas on the different stories we tell and the different emotional approaches we take depending on our choice of photos. And to do this I selected pictures of a weekend we spent in Scotland before leaving behind our boy to start his second year at university. This first page shows a simple view of what we saw:

Sian Fair

 and you'll spot that I added a few simple words: nothing much because I was recording the scene. But look what happens when I use a photo of us instead:

Sian Fair

Same trip, same afternoon, same point to our journey. But the story fleshes itself out and all I had to do to find it was look at -well, no, not faces instead of places, but close enough. It's interesting, isn't it?

Now, for the facing side of my double spread I had fun coming up with some pockets to hold extra little pictures and a couple of tickets and the rest. I thought cutting a page from an old road atlas might be a good place to start:

Sian Fair

  like this

Sian Fair

Or, how about making the pockets out of photos?

Sian Fair

Or a mixture?

Looking at this project a year later has me thinking about doing it all over again for a different trip. Double pagers? Not my usual style, but for travel? Try to stop me. It's all about broadening the mind.


Lizzy Hill said...

Fascinating post. Great ideas, too. For our 6 weeks in the UK I FILLED a 12x12 project life album.... Just sayin'!!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Your posts always stir my mojo Sian!
I adore your twofer and would love to see more of your traveling pages.
I really like that photos of the two of you walking and the journaling on the side.
The tiny pockets are wonderful and so pleasing to the eye!
many Thanks!

Sandra said...

Thra just the most fabulous photo of you both

Karen said...

I've used pockets in my days before Project Life, but never thought to use photos to make them. Brilliant idea! I love creating the travel pages. You get to relive all the wonderful experiences you have. I think the photo of you and Tall One is one of my favorites!

Ruth said...

I love how these two double spreads are the 'same' yet different! If that sense ... I'm going to give it a try with our Bermuda photos.

Jane said...

very interesting post, I love how just adding the photo of you both seems to make the words flow.

Patio Postcards said...

The second version is a powerful story in the photo itself.

Jennifer Shaw said...

Really beautiful Sian. I love the impact of the large photo.

Jo said...

They both look great. People get mad at me because I keep cutting out sections of their maps for my layouts :)

Susanne said...

Yes, it is nice to take different approaches to storytelling. I love the contrast and the continuity of those pages.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ah, the stories that jump out of a photo and onto the page. I love the one of the desk, even though I've heard it before.

Cheri said...

How fun for me to see your photos of places I will be in less than two months time! And you are absolutely right about how different a tone the entire layout takes when you change the perspective.

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