Thursday, 28 April 2016

If It's Snowing, There Must Be Socks

It's getting chilly in here I thought this morning, as I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to check my emails. The first one I opened offered "What To Wear In May" so, as we are nearly there, I took a quick look : Choose light layers! it said. Pair with sandals and a floaty scarf so you look cool and fresh at May's festivals and markets! And then I looked out of the window, and saw that it was snowing, so I closed up the email and went to look for a pair of knitted socks instead. 

After that, I hauled myself up the stairs (that exercise bike is beginning to do its worst) to take a few photos of the new pages I have made in my sock notebook. I know: It has been a while; but I've been knitting more and recording less. I'm pretty sure that I haven't told you about these ones before:

That would be two pairs of easy to put on, wear instead of shoes socks:

I cut pieces from the invoice and snipped a sample of the wool because I want this notebook to be a proper scrapbook: full of scraps.

Soon after I finished those, I bought quite a few balls of my favourite good value wool: Drops Fabel

 It washes easily at 40 and the first pairs I ever made  have now been through the machine once a week for a year without showing any signs of wear.

But then I needed somewhere to put that new wool. So we went to Ikea where I found a perfect set of white metal drawers. Remember these?

and all the time I'm knitting and purling, with a pair for Fiona, and a couple for my sister (to be honest, she got the ones striped together from the ends of other projects. She deserves better) and suddenly we were getting close to Christmas. I started on some presents

while at the same time looking forward to a present of my own

which led me to come up with the idea for Sock Of the Month. But that's probably enough for today. Back to knitting instead of recording. After all, I have to decide what I'll make for May..


Barbara Eads said...

I love your sock journal. What a wonderful way to record your progress. I wish I'd thought of doing something like that for my needlepoint. I like the added bits of yarn to remind you of specific socks and what you used. I guess it's not too late to start something like this for myself.

Patio Postcards said...

I like your sock journal & those houses die cuts, sketches, stickers are all so delightful (I was going to say cute ...). No snow for us (oh thank you thank you Mother Earth) but certainly cold & sock weather.

Jane said...

I love your journal, it's the sort of thing I say I want to do and then put off till tomorrow.

Ruth said...

I do love your posts about socks and their scrapbook ... so deliciously quirky! And of course, I'm a proud owner of two pairs of said socks.

Jennifer Shaw said...

I love how you are recording your sock knitting adventures. Your journal is awesome!! I never could get into sock knitting. I'm working on a baby blanket now for my daughter's best friend who is expecting a little boy.
Happy knitting.

alexa said...

Just lovely to see this wonderful journal again - I love your mix of photos and writing and interesting little sock-related bits. It feels so ... organic :). It's going to be a treasure to look back on in years to come, I'm sure. Do you have a way of making sure the socks-pretending-to-be shoes have non-slip soles? Or perhaps,it isn't necessary in your house? I've often wondered how to do this. Weather? Ugh! It has sleeted all day here.

Ladkyis said...

Every time I have tried to knit socks I have failed to make a matching pair. Even plain ones don't finish up the same.
My grandfather used to make turned wooden candlesticks on his lathe and then bring them into the house, line them up on the mantlepiece and get someone else to put them in pairs.
My Mum said that the first time she visited the potential in Laws he did this and asked her to match up 12 candlesticks. She arranged them and rearranged them but every time she got 5 pairs and two odd ones.
That's me with socks only I would have 12 odd ones

Cheri said...

Really enjoyed another peek in your sock journal! I need to do something like this for our shop... have had it in mind for awhile, just haven't made it happen yet.

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh my what a treat Sian!
I love that SOCK Journal of yours!
I would love to see more!
What a fantastic idea!!

Julia said...

Your notebook is looking beautiful - I love that you are putting the scraps in too. That's what scrapbooks are for after all!

Ali said...


Lizzie said...

What a good idea, to keep a little scrapbook of your sock-knitting. Lots of little notes, scraps, anecdotes and quotations, all about your hobby and the lovely things (socks!) you have made. I wouldn't mind a pair of socks "striped from leftovers" - not if they were made with love, on purpose. Still, maybe a special pair, just for your sister - perhaps that could be the Project for May?

stephanie said...

I would love to knit socks. But as I can't knit, it won't be happening, and Crochet socks just aren't the same!
And what is with the weather?? Today we had hail, snow, driving rain, sun and gales.

Karen said...

Your sock journal is just awesome! I keep a card notebook, but it's totally boring compared to your sock journal!

Alison said...

Love your journal...AND your socks! pleased to say that, on the whole, we are at sandal weather! Xx

Jo said...

Your scrapbook of socks is lovely. I've been knitting socks this weekend while drooling over some new yarn on the Wool Warehouse site, both pastimes are so addictive!

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