Wednesday, 3 February 2016

February Projects at Gossamer Blue

I'm laughing at myself here. I was just about to type Finally, February when I realised that it made no sense. I was only saying it because it sounded like a good way to start. Because January disappeared in a puff of smoke, or at least here it feels that way,, and I'm finding it a little hard to get my head round the fact that I have my February Gossamer Blue pages ready to post today. But ready they are,: two smaller sized layouts this time, both 8.5x11. 

The first has some Little E action going on. It's been a while since he made it onto a page!

From High In The Sky for Gossamer Blue

Here he is causing mischief by snapping pictures of his big cousin after he had been warned not to bother. The photos are a couple of years old now; but I'm glad I went back to them, because when I showed the page to the other main character, she said she couldn't remember it happening at all. That's the power of scrapbooking. 

Instead of patterned paper this page relies on a selection of Life Project cards to add colour and pattern. That top one, I know, is a phrase more usually associated with "love": but I think it works just as well to describe the activities of a six year old rascal.

I actually had three bigger photos printed; but I went back and made them smaller so my photo strip looked more energetic and a little more comic-book-y. Why did they give that different effect? Maybe simply because it doesn't take the eye as long to move along them. But it's one of those trust your instinct things.Try it, but don't be afraid to change it!

I made changes to my original version of my second page too.

From High in The Sky for Gossamer Blue

First time round, I wrote my journaling straight onto that beautiful green Basic Grey paper. It was a touch dark, but I was fine with that (because sometimes that's a good way to pull a reader in a little closer): no, what I didn't like was how flat it looked. So I decided to echo the speech bubble shape by gutting the green and slipping more white underneath. That's more like it! The little house stamp is included in the Main Kit  in February, as is the speech bubble veneer, which I managed to use on two different layouts. There'll be another one to see in the Inspiration Blog Hop later on in the month.

Both pages put together with items from the Main nd Life pages kits, and the Life Pages Add Ons available here


Mitralee said...

Adorable layouts! Love that you told us how you changed them up. I'm always doing something crazy like that too! Hugs! Hope it's less windy there now.

Maggie said...

Looks like the cousins are being pretty tolerant! I can see that smaller pictures would be easier to follow the action from one to another.

alexandra s.m. said...

2 for 1 yeah!
I love how your layouts are always bursting with confidence!
I couldn't imagine writing on one of my pages for example.
I also enjoy your remarks + tips! Precious and food for thought ;)
Thanks Sian~

Patio Postcards said...

Nice examples. I like the ease of following the cousin antics in photos. Like the journalling on your second page shaped to match the diecut - drew me it easily. I chuckled out loud when you said the Project Life card is mostly for love ... I often use those pre-printed cards in my garden album, because I have some real love going on with my flowers & the fact that they grow for me. I also mingle in some of the cards for pages about my cats ... there I go breaking more rules. Of course it is sock obsession (neat photo of you knitting with your boots on ....)

Jo said...

Lovely pages, I think the title on the Little E page is perfect :)

Sandra said...

I love how you share your thought process with us ... Any glimpse into your head is always a plus lol xxx

Sandra said...

By the way ..... LOVING the pages

Karen said...

Two more pages that make me stop, examine, and (of course) admire! I love that top right journaling card on the first layout. I was drawn to it immediately, and it fits perfectly.

Lizzy Hill said...

I really like the speech bubbles idea - & how it travels from the story to the photo on the bottom LO - & the top one with those bright zips of colour. YUM!!! Must do me a A4 page - thanks for the reminder - it's been a while:)!!

Julia said...

Both pages are gorgeous. I like that that phrase is about love as it still applies to your Little E in that sense too let alone his shenanigans! Hoorah! For staying cosy and knitting socks :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

And now February is running away!
I can't believe how fast time passes.

Missus Wookie said...

February is going quickly - January did too. I like the speech bubbles and flair combo. Cosy knitted socks are always so tempting.

Anonymous said...

Great looking layouts Sian, I like how you cut out the journaling on that one

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