Friday 30 November 2012

My Month in Numbers - November

My end-of-the-month mathematical meander thanks to the excellent Julie over at Notes on Paper.

it's been a funny old month, November. We got off to a great start - looking forward to Christmas! November is the new December my blogging friend Ginger says; and this year we went for it with:-

Thirty homemade Christmas cards (to start with). Each punched shape produced one tree and six little ornaments, which makes one hundred and eighty baubles I have saved to use as confetti on a layout in the future.

Two batches of Christmas bark, which was all eaten almost immediately. I've seen some for sale here this year - £6 a tin!

Grey skies journaling card and canvas banner both from a kit by Citrus Twist

- one Christmas pudding stirred and steamed and prepared for further cooking on Christmas Day; and one recipe emailed to a blogging friend many miles away.

- fifty three comments on the Frosty Festivities Blog Hop. Thanks to Jennifer for getting us in the mood for celebrating. It was a lot of fun

- four orders to Amazon, all arrived and safely tucked away.

Oh, yes. Things were looking pretty good. But we've slowed down over the last week or so; and now I'm not sure if I'll even take on the challenge of a December album. Maybe a few layouts instead? We'll see how it goes. Two things are for sure:

Storytelling Sunday this weekend! It's the last one of the year - can we make it a bumper one? We've already exceeded last year's total story count. Isn't that something? I'm suggesting a theme of Coming Home  for the Christmas edition; but, of course, stories on anything you have on your mind are more than welcome!


So This is Scrapbooking will be back next week with a new guest. Many thanks to Melissa for getting us off to such a fantastic start!


helena said...

very productive and love the layout - fabulous of how fantastic gold/orange looks with greyblue

Kirsty.A said...

Lovely layout. What's Christmas bark?

scrappyjacky said...

I try and avoid making christmas goodies too early.....because they always get eaten!!!

Julie Kirk said...

Aha - you beat me to it today! Blogger wouldn't let me blog [a fatal flaw in the name there today!] until now - so thanks for kicking it all off / or rounding things up.

I'm sure you'll glide back into the festive preparations soon. Thank goodness for online shopping eh? Something you can do while recouperating [or at least it's a good excuse!].

You're on the board now:

Here's to a happy December!

Julie x

Lynn said...

Sounds pretty productive to me. Got to be thankful for on line shopping - do most of mine that way - so much better than braving the shops

Lynn said...

Sounds pretty productive to me. Got to be thankful for on line shopping - do most of mine that way - so much better than braving the shops

Missus Wookie said...

Did a big chunk of foodie present shopping today - need to start making those this weekend. Amazon packages sound exciting, my list always includes some books :)

Looking forward to Sunday - Coming Home huh?

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) November is the new December...true, very true. It's a tough one for me though, since in the US I never feel the Christmas spirit until AFTER our Thanksgiving.

And I have absolutely no understanding about "Christmas pudding" so I think I need to Google it. Do you make it then let it sit until Christmas? Does it ferment somehow?

I always enjoy your month in numbers posts, Sian, and your layout this month is lovely as always! Happy holiday time to you, dear one! xo

Ginger said...

Hi Sian! You might find the spirit yet to do an album for December :) Didn't you say the same thing last year, and then I thought you pulled something off? :)

I have never made a Christmas pudding, but love them and Christmas bark too! Who am I kidding - I love all things sweet!

Love your layout and in particular the little Christmas tree and of course the stag!

Christmas cards - the mere mention of them is giving me anxiety! I believe it will be a store bought card kind of year!

Hope to see you on Sunday!!

laurie said...

i had to chuckle at "november is the new december"! i have always wished december were a bit longer so i could get everything in - another thirty days would certainly help. :-)

Amy said...

My Christmas puddings are both simmering away right now - thank goodness it is slightly cooler today - but I am also ironing ... oh how I am looking forward to school finishing and no more shirts and dresses to iron! Three weeks to go!
See you tomorrow :-)

Barbara Eads said...

Is Christmas pudding the same as Plum pudding? I really don't know what either of them are. We make corn pudding here in the south---it's easy to figure out what that is.

Looking forward to Storytelling Sunday.

Sian said...

I'm sending Christmas pudding recipes to anyone who wants to find out more :0 and I have some bark recipes on my Pinterest cookery board if anyone needs one:

Karen said...

Another lovely layout. I'm trying to decide what to do about my November recap. Since I made a Gratitude Journal, I won't be doing my monthly photo calendar. Maybe I'll tuck in the last page of the journal.

I finished my Christmas cards yesterday (74 people on the list, although not all of them are mailed). It's the most cards I've ever made.

alexa said...

That's a lovely page, celebrating achievement in the card-making department. It's a super colour combination: wintry but warm :).

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Your numbers are full of celebration stories this month. :)
I said I would slow down but already have a bunch of projects for December and although Art Every Day Month is over I´m still scrapping! :D.

Denise said...

Another lovely layout and wow are you organised! I'm definitely beginning to get into the spirit of it all now -countdown time x

Jimjams said...

Sounds like November was pretty organised - the Christmas cards are a task that scare me every year - and I only make 2 these days!
Fabby quirky page - love the stag!

Lou said...

gorgeous page Sian..great numbers and i'd say you sound pretty organised too x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your page today - the photo of your cards looks like one more layers.

Melissa said...

I'm planning to work on my November Month in Numbers this afternoon. Christmas Bark sounds good - I'd love the recipe. I'm trying a new recipe this week that I got from Cheri when she was here in Texas earlier this year.

I need to place one more Amazon order today, too, so I'll have my Christmas gifts here and ready to wrap soon.

I wasn't planning a December daily album or anything this year, but after seeing a few posts I'm wondering if I might do a little something digital . . . after I get my Christmas cards ready to mail (no handmade ones for me this year).

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