Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I'm in my favourite blogging spot, sitting on the bed with my laptop. I like the view from the window and the one I see beside me, my bedside table with its little collection of treasures. Here's one:

The lovely little cube Rinda made and gave to me when she visited in the summer. It's one of the first things I see in the morning and one of the last when I turn out the light. I like that. It reminds me of how much this hobby of ours continues to give me.

And it looks like I'm not the only one who feels like this. Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in contributing to So this is Scrapbooking. It's all starting to take shape and it's going to be a good read. Starting soon! Maybe before December...did I just say that? December?

I'm definitely ready for it. The (Not So) Small One and I made Christmas Bark on Saturday. It's all gone. We ate the lot. Just a layer of milk chocolate, then a layer of white (which we tinted pale green and flavoured with peppermint) and then a sprinkle of crushed candy canes. Yum.

And I've started my shopping. I've found a cuddly Henry Hoover for Little E and - oh, no, I can't tell you about Uncle Dave's gift. It'll have to stay a surprise.

So, on to cards. Got a few ideas going for making my own. And because it's Wednesday, I'm going to let that lead to my Thinking Out Loud thought for the day. I thought it would be a good subject for debate because I'm guessing opinion is going to be strongly divided on this one. In fact, you don't even have to be a Pinterest fan to have a view on this one....if you pin, do you have a board of things you have made? do you pin from your own blog? Yesterday, I was making a start on a board of card inspiration and it suddenly made sense. For cards, at least: if I added my own favourite designs, then I'd have the patterns together where they were easy to find. Maybe one of the new secret boards would work for this? Mmm..secret boards: another question altogether, maybe/ what do you think? any musings for a Wednesday?

I'll be back on Friday at 6.00pm because I'm taking part in the Frosty Festivities Blog Hop. You can find out more about it at Jennifer's Jumbles here - there'll be prizes!

Oh, and a quote from my mother to finish with? Take your coat. It's cold out there..


Jimjams said...

I have pinned my own stuff - tutorial posts mainly, and favourite projects/pages from each year. Cards though are more easily found in my cards folder on the PC - no need for Pinterest!
I am intrigued by the secret boards idea though - for me the lack of them has been the biggest hole in Pinterest!

Amy said...

I spend very little time over on Pinterest, mainly because I find, generally, that it tends to suck creativity and doing time. I am trying to make sure I make a page or take photos or edit photos or make digital templates before I spend time on Pinterest or any other internet space.

I use Pinterest for very specific tasks and if I wanted to make cards I may look there, probably not though to be honest. I did find it a useful way to communicate some ideas for my sisters wedding earlier this year and also some house ideas for TE because he didn't understand my descriptions!

I can't weigh in too much on this one - but, I will also say that I love all Christmas cards which are sent to me, handmade or shop bought - if someone takes the time to send one to us it is much appreciated. I haven't made up my mind yet for this year ... tis a surprise!

KathiJo said...

Or that old favourite.. take off your coat or you won't feel the ebenfit when you go out again! x

Denise said...

I love Pinterest - in fact it was you who introduced me to it! I do pin as well for inspiration - but always seem to have problems when I try to upload for some reason. x

Ladkyis said...

I have decided that Pinterest is online hoarding and as a potential serial hoarder I just dare not do that. I am gradually emptying my house after a lifetime of keeping-it-because-it-might-be-useful.
I still have a rooma and a half full of stuff so the potential for doing it on line is not good.
I must step away from the Pinterest boards

Unknown said...

I love Pinterest and have used it for things that I really love, I use it sporadically so I am ok with the usage and time I spend there. I am specifically going to use the boards for my own stuff, I do not put my own stuff up there, I still feel a bit show-offy about putting it on a blog and I am still not really sure why I do it, although I think about it a lot. So that feels a step too far at the moment. If I do set up a local crop which I have been procrastinating about for so long it probably will never happen, then it might make sense.

I hope you enjoyed your bloggy time and co-incidentally. I just pinned some christmas bark a few days ago :)

Cheri said...

I am a sporadic Pinterest user. When I have a project that needs help/ideas, I'll create a board for that and pin ideas. Once the project is done, I delete the board. I've never pinned my own stuff, but if I had a need to keep an idea, I wouldn't hesitate. I can definitely think of uses for the secret boards - like pinning ideas for Christmas gifts before you are ready to actually order, so you don't forget where you found stuff!

Barbara Eads said...

This post is full of things I want to comment on. I'm going to limit it to two. #1. I'm about half way through with my Christmas list due to a stint of online shopping last night. #2. I have a board on Pinterest of things I've made. I haven't been all that good at keeping up with it. I started it because friends of my daughters requested it. Since I clear my photos off of my computer annually, I think it will be fun to have that collection all in one place.

Beverly said...

hey Sian, I have fallen away from blogland recently but am hoping to be back reading and posting. I know I have missed great posts from you and Storytelling Sunday, so glad I can go back to those when I have time. I love Pinterest, it's been a great resource as I prepared for craft fairs and church gatherings. It's also been great for the future DIL for wedding ideas. When I'm stumped as to what to cook I just pop over to my boards :) I do have a board for my creations. I think I'll use the secret boards for gift ideas.

Missus Wookie said...

Don't do Pintrest but have an account at Scrap Stacks were you can only stack your own. Haven't actually uploaded anything but will do and there I can see having a stack of cards.

Having said that - I keep my inspiration in Evernote with tags (card, 1 photo, birthday) but have never added my own stuff!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm a pretty sporadic visitor to Pinterest as would be too easy to spend hours there!!
I've been looking at christmas ideas lately....and I do love it for finding recipes....sadly the pictures that attract me are usually for foods I should avoid!!
I do have boards for some of my cards and scrapbook pages....and sometimes pin from my blog.
The only use I would have for secret boards would be for gift related ideas....I'd prefer to share anything else..I can't see the point for anything 'secret' that you can store in a file on your computer....which is what I do with all my cards.

Jennifer Shaw said...

hee hee I'm told that I sound just like my mother at times. Why do we try to avoid this so much? It probably isn't really such a bad thing. Great idea about a board with your cards. Great reference for making more of ones you loved. Plus, sometimes we forget what one looked like since they are given away. Love what you got Little E. for Christmas. He will be thrilled!

Alana said...

I'm another who tries to avoid Pinterest of late. Too much time browsing and not enough doing. I have on the rare occasion pinned my own projects but generally I look out for new ideas, things that inspire me.

Louise said...

i love pinterest and was intrigued by the secret boards.... I've seen lots of people pin their own stuff and thought it was a good way to keep everything together and easy to find the blog post again - something i don't find too easy with blogger!

I so need to make a start with my christmas shopping! x

alexa said...

Another thought-provoking post - and aren't Rinda's cubes lovely? I'm not a Pinterest user, really; mostly I just jot down or sketch inspiring things in a notebook. Christmas cards? Please don't tell me it's that time already!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

So funny - I have been thinking about making a couple of photo cubes for Christmas gifts. And when I saw your blog post in Google Reader my first thought was a slightly confused "Sian's blog but that looks like Rinda's style..." ;o) I love our blog friends!

You know, I never thought about having a Pinterest board for my own stuff. That is a great idea! I can't tell you how many times I've had to search my blog archives for something when it would have been super easy to just go to Pinterest. Although, going to Pinterest is never a quick in-and-out type of situation for me, IF you know what I mean. I love it, but I get sucked in every time!

Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to the So This Is Scrapbooking series - I'll be working on my post tomorrow. No Christmasy things happening here just yet, not 'til the end of Thanksgiving Day next Thursday; that's when the trees come out of the attic! :>) I don't pin, but I do like to copy my own designs when I've done something that worked or I truly love.

Susanne said...

They added secret boards to Pinterest, really? I hope you are not kidding, because I would have loved that at the start. Am I selfish to just want to use that lovely tool all for myself? And no, I've not been brave enough to pin my own stuff - but that's a thought that will rattle around for a while.

Unknown said...

I need to start my holiday preparations, today! I downloaded a Christmas organizing app to my iPhone, so I'll play with that. I do pin things from my blog to Pinterest, especially design team work. I call that board "My Stuff (aka Shameless Self-Promotion)", so there is full disclosure about what anyone is seeing.

humel said...

I'm going out shortly, and I will definitely be taking my coat :) It's a new coat, too, looking forward to giving it its first outing!

I didn't know Pinterest had new secret boards. Sounds most covert. I haven't ever pinned my own stuff because the thought never occurred to me, but I totally would, and indeed shall from now on!

See you at the Festivities :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Everything you said about my cube makes me just glow inside! Thank you.
I avoid pinterest like the plague - I do not need another rabbit hole to fall through!
Thanks for the reminder about Frosty Festivities . . . must go work on my post.
And I'm doing photo cards for Christmas. I donated all my hand-mades to Operation Write HOme.

Miriam said...

I occasionally look at Pinterest but I agree with Rinda & her wonderful description! Just thinking about cards, not sure if I'll make them this year. Love the sound of Frosty Festivities, off to look. Thanks Sian

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I don't pin my crafty stuff to Pinterest but do I pin my scrapbook layouts to, which is scrapbook specific.

It is much too early for me to be making Christmas treats. I'd have to make the 4x over before Christmas even got here & it's better for everyone's waistlines if I hold off until mid-December.

Alison said...

I don't spend much time browsing Pinterest, but do use it for pinning...mainly recipes and LO sketches...and I think my cards will be shop bought this year!
Alison xx

Karen said...

I'm another sporadic user of Pinterest, although I do love it. I spent way too long last night, pinning things to my Christmas Journal board. It never occurred to me to pin my own designs! I did get an email about the secret boards, but haven't looked into it yet. Just barely catching up after my three (wonderful) weeks with Sarah and Caleb. I have a list for Christmas gifts and most will be purchased online, but none of it has been started.

Carmen Wing said...

I stopped using Pinterest completely when all that hoo ha erupted about links not going back to original posters and people getting the hump about their work being pinned and not getting recognised etc, etc. So a few days before bubba was due I spent 3 days finally going through every single pin I had done, checking every single one and for each that I couldn't find the origin of I deleted (my boards are a LOT sparser now!) and now that it's done I double check each pin as I go now and correct the links. So all good. And I use it a lot more now for inspiration and what not. I have pinned my own stuff - mainly book reviews and was also surprised (and chuffed) to find some of my canvasses pinned by others on there so I reclaim those into a folder of my own stuff.

I don't know whether I would use the secret boards so much - I already use Amazon for wishlists... maybe as a list of things for others... maybe.

Am so behind on my blog reading. We are all down with the lurgy and bubby is expelling from both ends (usually all over me!) but am getting sooo many questions from people when I'm out and about as to who made his gorgeous hat. Are you OK with me directing people to your blog?

x x x

Irene said...

What a lovely and thoughtful gift from Rinda. I can see why you would want to gaze upon it; that's a fabulous quote.
I am not a Pinterester (?)taking the view that I never have enough time as it is to do the things I would like to do. Things may change though, as my family all contributed to giving me an iPad for my birthday... now, that is addictive!

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a great idea actually, I like the idea of Pinning yourself secretly, I don't think I would Pin myself publicly!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I don´t have a Pinterest account. *shock, horror*
The first I told my own Tall one to take a cardigan I felt like a Mother (capital M ;) ).

scrappymo! said...

I have only ever pinned one of my crds to pinterest. It is a card I made that I truly love.

I may use one of the secret boards for my own stuff though.

I have around 3000 pins and over 3000 followers..yep, I am addicted to pinterest. I have memory problems though from a brain injury. I used to have a rolodex brain...since the accident, pinterest is my memory brain!!!

Rinda's cube is great and so true!

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