Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Pass The Book: November's Adopter And More

It was lovely to see some new names in the draw for Pass The Book this time round - thank you for joining us! I really enjoy setting this up every month. I'm only sorry that it's one name out of the hat at a time. But if the books keep on doing the rounds, everyones turn will arrive eventually. And we might even find some new blogs along the way.

November's Good Mail Day got me thinking about all the letters I've sent and received over the years. It was biting cold here yesterday, bitter and raw, so I stayed inside and pulled out my tin box of treasures.

Inside I found:

letters from my Grandpa, sent to little me in the 70's

"My Dear Little Angels (oh dear, Grandpa forgets how to spell Horrors.."

picture letters form my brother, sent in the 80's when he was at school and I was a university fresher:

"First, here is a picture of me very shortly (not meaning that I'm short. I'm not. I'm a Growing Boy.."
and from the 90's, a letter from a friend travelling in Kazakstan (mail from Siberia? That's a keeper!)

"My writing is not usually this bad, but we are celebrating the end of a successful expedition and I don't think anyone has been sober for about two days.."
and the tissue thin airmail sent from Taiwan by my brother when he was studying there. I hope he knows what a bright spot they were in the days when my life was spent toddler taming

"the landlord swears the shower and the toilet will be back by Saturday but I don't believe him. It would be great if he put a few of the windows back as well. "

I haven't reached the bottom of the box yet. This is one I'd love to come back to, if that's alright? Maybe by then I'll have time to make a page. For today I'll leave you with the name of the first adopter. It's..

..Rinda from Gallo Organico. Rinda..you've got mail!


Ruth said...

How lovely that you have a treasure trove of handwritten letters ~ I am quite envious! I have one letter from my dad, written when mum was poorly, and I am so glad that I kept it.
I think I might see if I can find my own copy of this month's Pass The Book ~ I'm itching to see what's inside!

Rhona said...

How fantastic that you've kept all those letters :) Unfortunately, when we moved to the UK (nearly 20 years ago) we had 3 suitcases in which to bring everything we wanted for the two of us and the (then) two children. A lot of stuff with sentimental value got left behind or destroyed :(
I'll be looking forward to the next time you post about your letters to see where the next batch came from.

Lizzie said...

Wonderful Sian! I have some letters stashed away too. I'm not sure I have any from a friend in Khazakstan though... I haven't looked through them for ages (some are probably in the loft somewhere...)
Great post. More please!

Do we all get "a go" with the Pass the Book (I mean, will Rinda send it to the next person, then it goes to all who said they'd like it)? I don't seem to have worked this one out in my mind (a mind that has not been functioning well in the last 2 or 3 months...)

I do like visiting your blog!

JO SOWERBY said...

im off to find my letter box, i have loads stored away i get out when im sad,
Jo xxxx

Cheri said...

Love the little excerpts from the letters - how cute and funny! Congrats to Rinda for winning this round of "Pass the Book" - needless to say I am jealous.

Amanda said...

Congratulations Rinda. I'm sure there were a few people with there fingers crossed for this months book.

How lovely that you still have all those letters. I love the one from your brother telling you that he had some new trousers :)

Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have a lot of letters as well, some dating back to the Civil War when sons were writing to my great-great aunts and uncles from the war. I wish I knew what to do with them.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Congrats to Rinda! And a very well done post by you, Sian. I loved hearing your take on fun mail and the walk down memory lane. xo

Carmen Wing said...

Oh I loved this post Sian. My letters are in a wicker basket :)

Can't wait for the next instalment.

Sian said...

Lizzie - I thought doing Pass The Book like that would get a bit complicated with a lot of lists to keep up with! So if there is a book you are interested in just keep checking the blog of the adopter and put your name in their hat when they post. That way we also get to find new blogs and the adopters get a bit more traffic too. Hth - and you can click on the Pass The Book button on the homepage too

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks sian! I'm really excited. Love your box of letters. I have a huge box of letters DH and I exchanged while we were in graduate school. My sister also scanned and bound letters exchanged by my mom and dad during their courtship.

helena said...

what a fabulous box. I remember sending and receiving those wafer thin blue airmail letters.

Louise said...

Gosh it seems like such a long time ago now when we received hand written letters. Mine were mostly penpals from people i meet on camping holidays!! lol! This post made me remember how nice it was to receive a letter in the post. Look forward to part two x

scrappyjacky said...

I have a box of old letters and postcards as well....your post has made me want to go and get them all out!!

alexa said...

And I am another who thinks "Gosh, where are all those letters we wrote to each other over ... years ago!" Love your brother's dry humour!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful box of treasures!

And congrats Rinda!

Amy said...

I think this book will be a great one for Rinda!
One of my sisters had a great writing relationship with an elderly great-uncle of ours, I wonder if she still has the letters .... I know that she is considering naming the new bub after him if they have a boy.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I LOVE this post! especially all the little excerpts from each letter! I'll look forward to the next installment!

Enjoy that book Rinda!!!

Rachel Brett said...

What a fantastic box of letters and congrats to Rinda, it looks like a fab book to read :)

Cheryl said...

That is lovely Sian all those memories never to be forgotten. Got me to thinking I have an old suitcase in the loft which I can not get too but it has got so many of my old letters from when I was younger would be great to see them again. I may ask someone to get them down for me x

Ginger said...

What great memories from all those letters Sian! I do love the trouser story from your brother...especially the different colored pens for emphasis! Great post!

debs14 said...

Horsey! What are you playing at? I thought we had an agreement. I send you apples, carrots and a box set of Ice Truckers DVD and you destroy everyone else's names in the hat. I can't believe you messed up and left Rinda's name in and took mine out. Tsk Tsk.

ps I want the DVDs back

Denise said...

How lovely that you kept those letters.I wish I'd have kept some of my old penfriend's letters now. I really enjoyed reading about themx

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