Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And Then He Said

It's been quiet in the house lately, with the kids back at school. We're all talkers here, usually shouting one over the top of the other, reading the good bits out of the paper, retelling the highlights of this week's Debating Society, enjoying a bit of verbal sparring. There's a pleasure to be had in listening to the changing, maturing chat of two funny teenagers.

So it's easy to forget the delight we took in their first words; in the days when we ate bisketti instead of spaghetti, and did our laundry in the tidily (I mean utility) room. We're lucky to have Little E to remind us.

Yes, that's one of my hats

Little E is quite the most cheerful small boy I have ever met. We love to see him trundling down the hall with a glint in his eye, and a smile as wide as a week. He sees the fun in everything and there is always an adventure round the corner. But when it comes to his job as Chief Granny Entertainer, he takes his responsibilities very seriously indeed. An example:

Granny:  Hello my darling  (that's her telephone voice)   Have you been a good boy today?
Little E:  Mmmm
Granny:  Did you eat up all your dinner?
Little E:  Mmmm
Granny:  And what did you do this afternoon?
Little E   (big pause for thought. And possibly dramatic effect)  BOUNCE! BOUNCE! BOING! BOING!

Little E had been out on the trampoline. Which might be one of his favourite things ever.

Camera phone photo sent by his mum for us to enjoy

Apart from Getting Wet.

Today I'm Loving...Alexa's favourite pockets for you to download and add to your layouts. And she has a small boy story of her own to share. Perfect.


Cheri said...

What a cute story!

Susanne said...

I know what you mean about the quiet house - some days just a little too much so. E is a little doll - he sounds like a Tigger - bouncy! And thanks for the heads up on the pockets pattern, I'm heading over there now.

alexa said...

You've made me smile such a lot, and feel wistful at the same time, with this Sian! I love your phone conversation, and I so remember the affectionate verbal sparring between my two in their teenage years. When they get together now, they sometimes do it again, pretending to argue over which of them Mum (that's me) loves best! Scamps!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I have just been transported back to the days of two soggy toddlers traipsing sand & goop through the entire downstairs of our small terraced house!! Love the thought of having a 'tidily' room...perfect!!! sigh...how fast they grow!! Thnks for the memory....(Oooh I feel a song coming on!!!)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Love this, Sian. Thanks for the early morning smile. My sister's kids provide lots of cute twisted words these days. :o)

Rhona said...

I know only too well what you mean about the maturing chat of your children. As mine are now 22, 20 and 14 tomorrow ;) it's always fun to hear their views on things.
I'm so looking forward to having a baby in the family again and hearing all those cute mixed up words :).
PS Love that little hat!

scrappyjacky said...

I remember all those cute mixed up words so well....luckily we didn't have to visit the 'hopstible' too often!!
The hat looks gorgeous.

Amanda said...

Next school holiday remember you said it was quiet without them :)I think little E looks happy because he is wearing a fab hat knitted by his Auntie.

Sandra said...

Such a enjoyable blog read :) ... and what a little cutie! Very impressed with that hat as well.

Little E said...

Thanks for making me famous on your blog, love auntie sian. Ev xxx

Denise said...

What a lovely post, brought back fond memories of all those words they got round the wrong way like a bemato in their salad :-))..and little E is a cutie

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great post and such cute pictures!

Make My Day UK said...

Lovely! Little E is very sweet! (Kate @ Liberty Cottage)

ps - love the blog revamp

debs14 said...

It's lovely to look back on how they learnt to talk properly and remember the things they tried hard to say but couldn't quite manage. I have to admit that there are a few words that we still use when the family are together that no one else would recognise. When somebody is in a mood and their bad feeling is permeating the whole household, they are still considered to being 'an imbegunia boo boo' which is something my son made up and we're still not sure what he was trying to say!

Carrie said...

Aw, sweet post. Reminds me to take notes of the things they say...and how they pronounce them. :)

Rosemary said...

He is adorable and this is a great post - I didn't have kids but I do have a niece and I can remember how quickly it seemed that we went from "The Wion King" to texting and being a semi-grownup (groan)

humel said...

Oh, gorgeous :-) Funny, I've been thinking about some of our family words and phrases lately - Dalek go-balls, having a lion at the weekend, etc.... We eat sketti (which is probably short for bisketti, I now realise!) And, of course, there was the phase when my baby brother called me 'Ear'. These are stories that need to be told, I feel! xx

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