Sunday, 13 June 2010

Have you Heard The One About..

With all the knitting and dollmaking and scrapbooking this week it's been a bit short on Tall Tales round here, don't you think? The knitting is going well, though. I finished a skull-and-crossbones hat for our piratical little cousin; but it turned out, um, quite big, so The Small One snaffled it for days when she feels like working a Swallows And Amazons look.

Now Arthur Ransome was a man who enjoyed a tale or two, so I've been thinking of him as I crafted a few answers to this:

which comes to me courtesy of Carmen and Glen. It's very good of you both - thank you - if a little worrying. I'm not making this stuff up you know! Nearly everything I blog has actually happened. Almost. Most of the time. Anyway, I've shortened the rules of the award slightly so that I'm offering you five facts which might be true. Maybe they are outrageous whoppers. Completely untrue. Some are one, some are the other and I'll leave you to decide.

  • When I was little my biggest ambition was to sail singlehanded round the world. I still think this might be a plan
  • When I visited Downing Street the policeman on the door greeted me with "What's the weather like down there?"
  • I spent two years of my childhood eating nothing much apart from salad cream sandwiches
  • I once tried to push a boy out of a third floor window, but he held on with one hand and we hauled him back in again. Now he is a fireman and credits me with his lack of fear of heights
  • I used to be really into abseiling but gave it up when the children were born

And of course I'd love to test out the straight faces of some other bloggers who might be up for giving this a go, so I'm passing it on to: Alana, Amanda, Jennifer (who actually does run creative writing courses), Curlywiggles and Jo. While you get inventive, I'll get back to knitting.


Cheri said...

I can picture you in most of those situations, but not the pushing a boy out a third story window one!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Great little list you have there, Sian. I had to look up "abseiling" and I'm wondering if that one is true about you...something I would never attempt!

Love the pirate hat...and that last photo is really cool. xo

laurie said...

the pirate hat is so cool! i'm not sure which tales are true but it's got me thinking... you will tell us, won't you?!

scrappyjacky said...

Great hat....I'm sure he'll eventually grow into it!!
Tall tales.....hmmm.....can't imagine you pushing someone out of a window.....but maybe he was really annoying!!

Lizzie said...

Well, I'm having fun deciding which of your "Tall Tales" is true and which not. In fact, one of your Tall Tales should actually be called a "Small Tale", since it involves a reference to your diminutive stature...

I think the one about the fireman is a bit far-fetched - too much like a "superman" type scenario.

I like the story about you and the policeman (though I think he was a bit cheeky!)

I'm not sure I believe you about abseiling, but I might just believe the sailing story (when you are going, let me know and I might come along - in another boat of course - to keep you company).

I had a friend who ate only fish fingers and marmite sandwiches. Another ate ketchup or salad cream sandwiches (though she also ate other stuff)... so maybe you could survive on mostly bread, butter and salad cream for a year or two... though I dont think you'd grow much!

It's fun though isn't it - guessing which are true and whether any are real whoppers!!

How about Horsey - does he have any Tall Tales about his past?

Love the Hat by the way. Is the light blue version a replacement for the one borrowed by the Small One?
And Swallows & Amazons is fab!

humel said...

I love Swallows and Amazons :-) I did a bit of S&A dreaming while in the Lake District last year - is that what the book is about in the last pic? xx

debs14 said...

Intriguing .... I can't decide which I think are made up. Abseiling? Salad cream sandwiches? Terrorising future firemen? Hmmm....
Love the hat, looks about the right size for Horsey if you ask me.

JO SOWERBY said...


Curlywiggles said...

Thanks Sian! Will get my thinking cap on. Love the pirate hat, I wish my knitting skills were that far advanced.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the pirate hat. And your list is hilarious! I'm afraid I believe you almost pushed that boy at the window and surviving on creamy sandwiches; don't imagine you visiting the police station.

Jennifer Grace said...

Hi Sian, thanks for the link, I will try to post that sometime this week!

I love the hat, and the book Swallows and Amazons. Giving the fact you like that book, I'm gonna go with the sailing around the world thing being true, but only if you could stock up on ginger beer and salad cream sandwiches!


Amy said...

Well, first of all I love the vignetting on the photos - very snazzy and it looks like you used an action on the top photo?
If I read your introduction to the list correctly it would seem that all are untrue .... what merry path have you led us upon Sian ;-)????

melissa said...

those photos are gorgeous, especially love the first one!

Ifa said...

LOL, at least that fireman does not hold grudges.

Sian said...

You are right Ifa! He even offered to give me a personal demonstration of his fireman's lift.

The action and the vignette are both from Picnik.

The football is keeping Horsey pretty quiet at the minute so he hasn't come looking for a hat yet.

Carmen said...

I am worried at how believable these ALL are *g* Salad Cream sandwiches. Blech!

Jennifer Grace said...

Hi Sian, I have just posted my creative facts about myself, check them out here:

Thanks again for thinking of me, it was fun choosing what things to write!


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