Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Birthday Copy+Paste!

One of my favourite challenge sites Copy+Paste is celebrating their first birthday.

I can hardly believe it's been a year since Kirsty and Julie started bringing us their own special brand of stylish inspiration. I was lucky enough to be a guest poster in those early days and when they asked for Coraline, I gave them the spookiest, strangest Coraline I could come up with:

Since then they've covered everything from flawed works of art to the beauty of Tiffany, with a fantastic 12 Days Of Christmas workshop in between; and this weekend they are holding a big blog party to start their second year with a bang. They've got guest posters (including Dina Wakley) and inspiration and pop over and say hello - you could even introduce yourself with their handy list of questions. Mine goes like this:

  1. Everyone knows that I like toile but you'd never guess that I also love gingham
  2. I'm proud to admit that I like Morrissey but my guilty pleasure is almost all other 80's music
  3. I'm inspired by hard work and it surprises me when I discover how much I can do when I really try
  4. I'm always organised but never ready
  5. I've got lots of cookery books but I've always wanted a personal chef
  6. I've tried to like exercise and it didn't work
  7. If I never ate baked beans again it will still be too soon
  8. I didn't wash my own car today and now I'm the only one with dry feet
  9. It's not that I can't cook but I'd really rather wash up
  10. Doing nothing makes me really fed up
  11. Someone once told me he'd buy me a bag of chips if I'd let him walk me home and then we got married
  12. I'm happy to say that all kettle chips were not created equal and some are even better than others
So that's my list. Have a great party Copy+Paste!

Today I'm Loving...everyone who thought I was my little sister in Thursdays photo. I'm the big one!


Julie Kirk said...

Ahhh remember those heady pre-High in the Sky-guest-blogging days? Time flies eh?

Love your Q&As. Funny how some other people responded that doing nothing made them happy!

And organised but never ready - what a lovely paradox!

Thanks Sian - for joining in with us today, and back then and hopefully on into the future.


Ruth said...

I love #11!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) Love your list, Sian! I LOL'd at #4: I'm always organised but never ready...sounds like me!

humel said...

Loving this list - such an interesting way to get to know people better xx

JO SOWERBY said...

absolutely loving this list especially finding out u are also a Morrissey fan..........he's the business. Also agreeing to the baked beans scenario..............yucky.
Jo xxxx

Anonymous said...

What is your fave Morrisey song? Love Copy+Paste and the story about the chips! Cute.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great list, and fun to read how influential chips are in your life (aren't they crisps over there?).
Will check out cut & paste.

Lizzie said...

Poor Rinda... English confusion again! Chips are those lovely, chunky, fluffy-inside, fried potato sticks... kind of like your old French Fries, but with rather more substance to them! We buy them from the Chip Shop round the corner - they put a big scoop of them in a paper packet, then wrap that in newsprint paper(without the print though). The best way to eat them is hot, straight from the paper, with a little wooden pronged chip fork. Most people like a little bit of salt and vinegar sprinkled on top.
Crisps, on the other hand, are those lovely, crunchy, flavoured discs of deep-fried potato, that you can buy in little bags and munch noisily during the quiet moments of a film in the cinema (sorry movie at the movie-palace!).

Sian, I loved your list - it made me laugh.
I never knew about Cut & Paste before this weekend. What I want to know is, if it is your favourite blog - why didn't you tell us??

Great post! I'm enjoying Cut&Paste's blog party too.

Kirsty.A said...

Loved your list - your no.6 is famliar!

Alison said...

Great answers - I can so relate to number 6!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm #3 to say that #6 resonates with me. Great list; love the way you've done it though it seems like a lot of work to me.

Amy said...

I'm with you on the second part of #2 ;-)

Carmen Wing said...

Oh my goodness Sian! Would you believe it was your Coraline that led me to properly discover Copy+Paste and also what inspired my Coraline duckie - I didn't realise that was YOU!

Anonymous said...

Great list of 12 things, Sian - made me smile! I'm with you on the baked beans thing, All the way. And back again. x alexa

Cheri said...

Great list Sian! Who would've known that your heart could be won over a bag of chips! I'd also very much like a personal chef!!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I absolutely LOVE #11 on your list!!

I would have allowed anyone to walk me home on the promise of a bag of chips to eat as we walked...when the vinegar soaked thru the newspaper they were wrapped in & you burned your mouth because they were freshly fried!! Ah..youth!! But to marry him too was something special!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderfuil list!!!

Denise said...

Whata a great list,I can really relate to number 6 and number 7 - and I will definitely go over and check out C + Paste x

Becky said...

Love your list and simply love your Coraline - one of mine and Penny's favourite films.

Unknown said...

Excellent list! Did you get the chips? :)

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