Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Bit Of Better Blogging Part Two

And a winner from Sunday. A big thank you to Rinda for her fabulous organistion and to everyone who blogged and hopped and partied and commented. It took Horsey quite a while to fill his hat with all the names (today he used one of the beanies I'm knitting for Helen's appeal) and it's taking him even longer to pull out the name of the winner..

So we'll start with my blogging tips round up for this month. I hope you find something new here:
  • I've got Jo to thank for this first one. It's fantastic! So many excellent free tutorials, it's really not to be missed at Adori
  • Another excellent stop for blogger fans is Blogger Scrapbook (more tutorials and freebies)
  • And its Wordpress sister here. Both by Reflecting The Designer
  • We've just missed the Bling Out Your Blog class at Little Light Studio but it's still worth keeping an eye on, and they might run it again
  • Likewise, the Blogging Your Way class at A Creative Mint. But the photos alone on this blog make it worth a visit. Really something to aspire to!
  • If you like to write even more than you like to photograph, then check out The One Minute Writer for a prompt every day. You can scrapbook it or you can blog it!
  • Or check out Seven Days Seven Answers for more ideas
  • And finally for this time: a free printable blog planner right here. Love it.
  • You can find A Bit Of Better Blogging Part One here
Oh, I knew there was something else. We're still waiting for Horsey to pull out the winner!

Here you go:

Becky..please get in touch and I'll get your prize out to you. I hope you like it!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Fab list Sian! By the way, did you see you're a winner over on Julie's blog (JuJu's place).
I think Horsey deserves an extra sugar cube for all that hard work!

scrappyjacky said...

Thanks for these,Sian....will definately take a look.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Thanks for those links...the first is definitely going to be useful!

humel said...

Well done, Horsey :-) And congrats to Becky! Thanks for the links, Sian - this is a post to come back to with a nice mug of hot chocolate once The Children are safely in bed... xx

JO SOWERBY said...

well done becky, horsey ur looking hot today. such a clever horsey u are choosing the bloghop winner. thanx for the link to me and adori......she is brill. loving the new facebook tutorial today
Jo xxxx

Anna said...

Thanks Sian! I look forward to checking out all those links :)

Micayla said...

OOh some good lists to go and check out when I have the time....something I am pretty short on at the moment.

debs14 said...

Hmmm - I see from your fridge magnets that Horsey is standing in the elections on Thursday. Dare I ask what party he represents or what his policies are?
Thanks for all the links. Lots to check out when I'm bored at work ....

Denise said...

Well,I for one would vote Horsey.
Thanks for the links Sian - shall get a cuppa and have a hop round x

Alana said...

Will check out those links, thanks. So when will horsey have his own little blog...I see he is campaigning in the election then. Vote horsey!

Lizzie said...

Ha, I see that Horsey is standing again, this Election - I'll definitely support him for Prime Minister -I'm sure he'll do a decent job!
Congratulations to Becky!

Thanks for the great list of interesting sites with stuff to do! Must bookmark this to look at "properly" later on.

Sandra said...

oohhhh lovely, thank you for the links, I'll have to check them out soon.

Anonymous said...

Great links. I like the blogging calendar & think I'll give it a try for next week. Congrats to Becky!

Amy said...

Sian your last list of helpful blogging tips was fantastic and I learned a lot - I'm sure there will be some treasure in this list as well :-)
Horsey must be relieved to have his face showing here again .... congratulations Becky!

Ifa said...

I can't believe I missed a party, still, at least I got one of those pretty felt house already, so I don't begrudge Becky.

Karen said...

Oh that horsey is such a tease keeping everyone waiting - he just likes to hog the limelight. What party is he standing for as I must vote for him - some sense straight from the horses mouth is exactly what we need at the moment!

Becky said...

Thank you Horsey for drawing my name! Lucky me. And thank you Sian too :)

Anonymous said...

Great links, and glad Horsey is still allowing you to help out on his blog!

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