Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Days like This Page

A post with a page and a pogo.

So I decided to make a page about Tuesday's post; and with the help of  Studio Calico's Sunday Sketch I came up with this:

For fun I used my little Polaroid Pogo printer because, at 3x2 inches, its pictures were exactly the right size. If you are going to give this a try, plan ahead a little bit and see if you can get everyone in similar coloured outfits - I think it helped to pull the photos together. Oh, and don't forget to keep out of the sun, so you aren't squinting (obviously we didn't).

A couple of people have asked me about the Pogo; and, yes, it's fun and handy and would make a good gift.
  • Shop around because the price varies a lot site to site
  • The best video demo I have found is here
  • And there is another good review here
  • It's easy to get it to print from your phone BUT it won't print from an iphone. Shame.
  • Because it's instant gratification, you aren't going to want to edit your photos a lot so think before you shoot
  • The little prints don't show off close ups or fancy crops to their bests. Your subject needs to be easy to see and easy to identify.
  • Any questions, please ask!
Today I'm Loving..the thought that new sunglasses might not be a complete waste of money after all. Here's to a sunny May Day weekend!


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Another great layout from the scrap table of Sian! I'm glad to see that you scrapped these fun photos, and I love the playful style of your layout.

I've not heard of the Pogo printer...will have to check it out.

humel said...

Fab page, captures the moment beautifully :-)

Is it still sunny with you today? We have drizzle right now :-( Hope it clears up for the weekend! xx

Ruth said...

I love it, especially the bunting! And have you seen the weather forecast for the BH weekend? Not good. :(

Maria Ontiveros said...

Terrific colors for the layout! I'l still loving this idea and figure I can take pictures from my deck, looking down.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Another Gorgeous LO...& great use of those fun photo's.

We have grey sky's & very 'wet' rain (you know the type I mean!!!) today & I think it's all because I picked up my new prescription sunglasses yesterday clouded over as soon as I left the opticians!!!

So...keep everything crossed for good Bank Holiday weather!!

debs14 said...

You realise that when the rain starts on Saturday, we will be blaming you and your purchase of those sunglasses!
Love the layout, I feel the need to 'borrow' the whole bunting idea!

scrappyjacky said...

Again love your use of bunting...lovely LO of those fun photos....oh, and now you've sent the rain here as well!!

Cheri said...

great layout Sian - I'm always in awe of people who can effectively leave a lot of "white space".

Karen said...

I'm loving your lo - such bright sunny colours. Just wear the sunglasses anyway - you could be 'too cool for school'!

Alana said...

What, bright sunny colours on your LO. Love it. Don't get carried away though its due to rain tomorrow and all the weekend!

Suzy said...

Fab layout Sian. I also have a wee pogo - said I had bought it for my daughter to use - but I keep pinching it. Im making a wee mini book of this year with a double page for each month and am using all pics printed on the pogo.

One of the girls at work paid about 80 quid for hers but mine was around £20 which I thought was good value

Claire said...

fab photos & lo, the sun seems to have left the seaside at the moment... fingers crossed it comes back.

Amy said...

Sensational page Sian and don't you love the evolution of a blog post into a page? I certainly do!

Carmen Wing said...

Another gorgeous page Sian. Am loving how bright and cheery it is. I swear the sun came out and is now shining through my window as I was reading your post. No fibbing!

Anna said...

I was going to say something about the forecast for the weekend being nowhere near as bright and sunny as your layout ... but I see that lots of people have beaten me too it! :D Hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday - whatever the weather!

Denise said...

Gorgeous layout,really love the colours and the bunting.That printer sounds brilliant.Hope you have a nice BH weekend, let's hope the glasses get some use !x

Alix said...

oh i loved these shots...and i love the LO even more!

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