Thursday 4 March 2010

It's World Book Day

Today is World Book Day! I don't think it's the same date across the world, though?  But, you know, read something you love anyway! Old favourites are always good. Or perhaps something new might be even better. Here's what I'm reading for inspiration this week:

Table Inspirations and Tricia Guild's Inspiration both came from Tk Maxx. Their bookshelf is always worth a rummage, especially if you like cookery books. A great place to look for a gift book.

And here's what I'm smiling about this week:
From the lovely Cheri (whose weekly gratitude posts are a joy to read)

And from the lovely Melissa (who posts with style and grace every time)

So, in return I should be posting 7 interesting things about me and 10 things that make me happy. Would it be alright if I said simply I'm in a happy mood today and- leaving it there for now- move on to the interesting things. Though I'm wondering: are there 7 interesting things about me you don't know already? Mmm..
  1. I was a Queen's Guide. In my longest ever recorded burst of physical activity I got all the badges..camping, hillwalking, knots, gadgets, the lot. I'm guessing my semaphore is a bit rusty by now, though.
  2. I've never been able to click my fingers. One of life's little mysteries to me.
  3. I learned to rollerskate inside because it was too wet to go outside. For an entire Easter holiday. My Mum let us use the hall instead. Nice one, Mum.
  4. I fainted during one of my A level History papers. Funny for everyone else, but not for me because the headmaster phoned me at home to ask if I had any idea why it had happened and was it hormone related. Do I have to go on? Never fainted before, haven't fainted since; and really, really don't want to have that conversation with a teacher ever again.
  5. I drink way too much coffee. But I've never considered cutting down.
  6. My name is pronounced "Shan" and it's Welsh for Jane.
  7. When I go out for a meal I always choose a starter, but I never have a dessert. I prefer savoury to sweet. all the time.
So, there you have it. Thanks, Cheri and Melissa! Now, please, if anyone fancies a go at either of these- 10 happy things or 7 interesting ones- be my guest. Have an award! Treat yourself! You know you're worth it.


Amanda said...

As an avid reader I'm ashamed to say I didn't know it was world book day. I really like the look of your doodle stitching book you'll have to tell me more. And I'm definitely with you on the coffee and starter.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

This is a fun list - and all things I didn't know about you until now. I'm happiest about the one where you mentioned how to pronounce your name because until now I had no idea. It's very pretty! :o)

scrappyjacky said...

Have also picked up some great books in TK Maxx....sadly don't have one close by.....the Doodle Stitching definately looks interesting.
Afraid I always go for main course and dessert....we don't usually have desserts at is a real treat when we go out.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Just finished A Reliable Wife for my book group - it was a fast read with great reviews, but I think poorly written.
Thinking about Await Your Response or Cutting for Stone next.

humel said...

I thought I was the only person who couldn't click her fingers!! So pleased to find someone else thus afflicted :-)

My The Children get to dress up for World Book Day each year. It's one of the joys of my life, and one of the banes of my life...

(In a neat twist, my word verification for this comment is 'sanshan'!)

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh i never knew sian was welsh for jane. i knew bryn was brian though!!!! my friend is called mari is that mary or marie i wonder?
loving the fainting story why do men always assume it's hormones, everything is hormons or the time of the month dont u find? i'm opposite with meals, i always check the dessert list first, if it's g8 the restaurant will get a gold star
Jo xxx

Tinkertaylor said...

Happy world book day, I love reading but take ages to finish a book as I tend to read before I go to sleep.I read the most when on holiday. My worst fear is to go on holiday without enough books so my DH has bought me an e-book. With over 300 books on file I should never be short of a good read. I too was a girl guide but never earned as many badges. I left when I discovered......BOYS

Scrappi Sandi said...

I was in TKMaxx this very day...never leave without a perusal of the book/craft section..I am an avid reader..never without a novel on the go & in between, lots of reference books to dip into!! I know it's WBD today but the village lower school (where DH works) has it's dress up day tomorrow...staff dress up as well as the DH will not tell me what his costume is yet!!!
Love your list..I stand corrected...I had pronounced you 'Sharn' but now I know!
Thanks for sharing those awards...I might just take you up on the offer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed finding out more about you! Especially pleased to discover I am not the only one who has more than one book on the go at once! alexa

Jennifer Grace said...

We celebrated World Book day with a long visit to the library, returning with a big pile of books! I'm looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to dress up for it, right now she's not into dressing up coz that just means getting dressed again doesn't it?!
I just had a peek at doodle stitching on amazon - looks really interesting (but not as interesting as my blogging for bliss book which has arrived - thanks Sian!)

Ruth said...

Nice to know more about you. I'm not a fan of TK Maxx, but may just now venture in to check out their bookshelf.

Claire said...

What a lovely LO & I've been celebrating Book day with a good book (or several)

Micayla said...

OOh what a lovely selection. I am currently reeding a few and in honour may have to read something tonight. Lovely pic by the way.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've never heard of World Book Day, but I'm happy to know of it. I always have at least two books going at the same time; usually one novel and one non-fiction. Glad to know how to pronounce your name as I've been "saying" it incorrectly all along.

Amy said...

I'm giggling at the thought of you 'overdoing' things in guides.

Carmen said...

Oooh that doodle stitching one is on my Amazon wishlist. Is it as good as it sounds?

Sandra said...

What a lovely selection of books - I think that TKMax will now be on my shopping route :)

Nice to know more about you too :)

Sian said...

That Doodle Stitching book? I'd say it's one to look for at the library or flick through if you see it in a shop before you buy. It's got more than a hint of old-style needlework lessons about it!

sharyncarlson said...

Oh how fun! And I didn't know it was World Book Day. I just finished a book - Let The Great World Spin - and didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped to. Next I'm trying my first Jodi Picoult book.

Rhona said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit about you, I always find these posts fun but can never think of anything about myself (probably because I already know all there is to know ;o) ).
I never go into TK Maxx because I hate hunting for things but next time I'm near one I may have to pop in to look at their books (didn't even know they sold them!)
Hope you've had a good weekend.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I didn't know it was World Book Day. Or maybe it wasn't in the US. Don't know. I love posts that show what the writer is reading right now though. I started passing out when I was 10 and do so every few years or so. It's a horrible feeling! Glad you've only done it once!

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