Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lemsip And Lassitude

On Friday morning a couple of our merry band woke up feeling Not Quite Right. School was out. Staying in bed was in. A change of plan I should have predicted the night before, really, as I sat making a careful list of places to go and people to see. But that's the way life is, especially in December. My Christmas Countdown just wouldn't be complete without a day or two of lemsipping and lasstitude. So, as we sat huddled on the sofa (one of us hoping the snooker would be on soon and one of us wishing for a major televisual incident which would prevent the snooker ever being on again), I thought about other Christmasses and the bits we look out for every year. I came up with a bit of a list, looking something like this. Call them traditions if you like. This is Christmas

  • Every year my brother arrives off the LA plane and the second thing he says after "Cor, Sian, lend us another sweater, it's a bit cold here isn't it?" is "Have you made my zippies yet?" And then he watches me taking a batch of mince pies out of the oven and nods with satisfaction. "I see you have." I quite like making mince pies and I really like eating them; but I never have cracked the art of sticking them together. They unzip themselves in the oven. That's why they are zippies. Side note: I need to remember that this year he probably won't do the sweater thing. Given that he's moved to Connecticut.
  • Every year I bring out the wooden nativity set we've had since our first married Christmas, and every year I set out the figures and set aside the 200 lolly sticks which make up the stable. So The Accountant (who loves Ikea possibly more than life itself) finds himself with a nice little flat pack challenge when he comes in. I like to think of it as an extra present.
  • Every year one of my friends from school - a dear, good friend, Godmother to The Small One - drops by with some presents. And every year we exchange news before slipping into our well rehearsed routine. She starts with " Remember that school dance when we were in sixth form?" She follows with "But you weren't up on the stage singing the Frog Chorus, were you? Someone saw you heading out the door with a giant branch of mistletoe." And I counter with, "But you know how it was with those school dances. Sometimes you had to make your own entertainment." And then we both smile happily and know that it's Christmas
Still going with my December Album:


Tinkertaylor said...

Those "zippies" look delectable.
Pop over to my blog I've left you something to make you feel warm and fuzzy

Ann said...

Sorry to hear about the Lemsip. I hope everyone's well soon.
What lovely prompts to remind you it's Christmastime. (I've been asking what makes people think it really is Christmas on my blog).
And I love your colourful Christmas album pages.

Carrie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Beautiful pages!

JO SOWERBY said...

i so love the stories u tell sian. hope u and the clan r feeling better, hot lemon, honey and whisky for the adults ithink. lemsip is just not enough oomph for me i'm afraid.
jo xx

Jools said...

I am sooooo with you on the snooker thing. Why?

Cheri said...

Love the stories - each one would make a lovely addition to your December album! I have to admit that a few things get lost in translation when you are talking to an international audience. Snooker? (by context I'm assuming it is TV) Lemsip? totally clueless.

scrappyjacky said...

I totally relate to the zippies...though I tend to just call mine 'a mess'.....yours look delicious.

debs14 said...

I love your blog, you have a real talent of telling interesting tales!
My recipe for cold remedy.
One generous shot of port
Juice of half a lemon
Spoonful of honey
Hot but not boiling water

Take as a cure if you have a cold
and a preventative if you haven't!

Mel said...

love your list of "traditions" esp about your brother. Enjoying your pages alot.

humel said...

We've had a Lemsip day today (The Doc, not me - yet...) Hope everyone's feeling better now x

Lovely post, and lovely pages :-)

Liberty :) said...

They are great pages!!

Amy said...

I don't think that it ever pays to plan ... pesky colds always seem to get in the way!
You have reminded me to record a few more of the wonderful things my brother, and sisters for that matter, say at this time of the year.
Hope the 'sickies' pass quickly - can't be under the weather with all of the festivities to enjoy :-)

Tara said...

Great list Sian.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Love this! I grew up reading English literature, so my speech patterns and spelling were a little off from my classmates (it was so frustrating to get marks off for spelling "grey" instead of "gray"). And since my history major was primarily about England, I would sometimes "forget" where I lived. Posts like this remind me that I haven't got a clue, though. I definitely had to follow your links. :-)
I like the idea of writing about what makes the season feel Christmasy to you.
Hope you all feel better soon!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Those sorts of friends are the best :)

Anonymous said...

Just love the way you tell your stories, Sian! x alexa

Anonymous said...

I love your stories and the layouts. Your wrapping one especially appeals to me.

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