Monday, 7 December 2009

17 Revisited

Except that it's not really. Our blog train is staying in the present today. We're living in the moment! Enjoying the right now! (Although I'm still maintaining 17 was pretty great) And that means same time, same place, same questions. Which also means you'll have come from Laura's, I hope, and are ready to read some more answers from me. I have no matching layout today (it was scrapbook or shop and something had to give.) Sorry. But I'm in the zone with the daily December thing, so you never know what else I might get finished up this week. We'll see. I do have answers, though. And here they are:
  • My hair colour is:  a law unto itself. But it's definitely not ginger no matter what my son might try to tell you
  • My hair style is:  often to be found still harking back to the 80's. Hey, what can I say? Assymmetrical fringes have made a comeback
  • My favourite brand of makeup is:  the one with the promise I'm most likely to believe
  • My fashionable item is:  hmm..fashionable for mothers? or just fashionable? I do like a nice handbag
  • I drive a:  Alfa Romeo. I still like fast.
  • On a Saturday I go:  round in circles trying to make sure I have all the laundry done
  • Mon-Fri I go:  up to the top floor. I'm High In The Sky as often as possible
  • My best friends are: still around from the 80's. And that's a very good thing
  • My favourite place to go out is: anywhere relaxing which offers to make you look 10 years younger
  • My favourite subject is:  still history
  • When I grow up I want to be:  a lot older than I am now
  • My favourite drink is: black coffee
  • My favourite food is :  roast potatoes
  • My favourite band is:  still loving Roddy Frame ex Aztec Camera. And Morrissey. Always Morrissey.
  • My favourite tv is:  BBC4. If I can gain control of the buttons
  • I wish I could visit:  I got to Pompeii. I loved it. I want to go again
  • My favourite sport is: Formula One. Told you I liked fast
  • I am reading:  biography of the Brontes
  • I recently saw:  Er, trying to think. Tend to buy dvds instead of actually going out
  • One thing I want to do but can't: I never did learn to whistle
So, that's about it then. If you're following the blog train, then you need to get ready to hop on over to Beverley. She's all ready and waiting. Oh, and I've had a photo idea. For today I'll show you one of me which appeared in Scrapbook Inspirations (sort of gone but definitely not forgotten) magazine this year. That counts, doesn't it?


scrappyjacky said...

Hey....I saw that layout...loved it straight going to miss Scrapbook Inspirations.
And I really like your brand of make up.....think I may have been out to the same favourite place as you as well.
One day in Pompeii wasn't enough.
......will definately return.

humel said...

That was you??? I remember that issue! And the fab layout :-)

I've been to Pompeii twice (sorry, didn't mean to rub it in...)

Jane said...

I have this issue of SI mag but I only got it last month because it takes AGES to get British magazines here!! I recognise your picture - LOVED your layout!!!!

I'm soooo sad that SI magazine is ending - we have lost soooo many good scrapbook magazines over the last year or so - about 4 or 5 of them have stopped printing over here in North America :( Very little choice now when you go to buy one :(

Great post :)

Jane said...

Lol I was just saying to DH and the kids last night that yummy crispy roast potatoes are definitely my favourite food too - in gravy!! Mmmmmm!!

Lizzie said...

Well, this is turning into a S.I. wake... I also remember that fab layout - didn't realise it was you!
They took my layout for a Challenge page, but haven't published it yet! I hope it will be in one of the "Specials" they want to do.
Loved your "update on the 17 Train". As usual, made me laugh.

Amy said...

oooh, yes, I'm a potato girl as well - anything savoury actually.
I had a big LOL at your favourite make-up answer ... YES I agree!

Siobhan said...

Hee hee, you always make me giggle Sian and today is no exception :) I don't have that issue of SI, but your layout looks fab, wish I could see it close up *hint hint*

sharyncarlson said...

Great reading your now answers. I'm with you on the potatoes. Just made a big pot of mashed potatoes to eat for the next few days :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very cool. I love reading your answers; I especially like the response that M-F you go high into the sky as often as you can!

debs14 said...

Oh Roast potatoes ... why didn't I choose that as my favourite food? Doh! There used to be a pub near us that would put out plates of 'hot out of the oven' crispy roast potatoes for people to have (free of charge) with a lunchtime drink on a Sunday - yummy!

Micayla said...

Love the answers Sian...I sometimes wish I was 17 again or at least a teenager!!

Anonymous said...

How long have you been scrapbooking, Sian? You only look about twelve! :) Whatever skincare you're using (never mind the make-up!), spill the beans! Oh, and the Lo is lovely too. x alexa

Ruth said...

I remember that LO in SBI! I thought it was so cool!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I hear that if you wet your lips first, it makes it easier to whistle. Good luck. These questions are so much fun! And I'm jealous of your Alfa Romeo.

Ginger said...

Hi Sian! This is an old post, but it popped up on your "you might also like" widget. It was fun to read :) mmm... olive oil and rosemary roasted potatoes are my favourite.

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