Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Professor Pops By

So,  yesterday my little brother dropped by to check out my new blog. You're probably thinking, "now that was nice." And so it is. But here's the thing: my little brother teaches Comparative Literature down the Ivy League way. He commented on my elliptical style. So I looked it up. He thinks I'm short. But we all knew that already, yes? I'm hoping that we might agree instead on pithy which I found in the Thesaurus (given to me, I note from the flyleaf, by The Accountant in 1986. In the days when I had to write a little). Actually, I think I got away lightly. He didn't put a red line through anything, or make notes in the margin, or give me suggestions for Further Reading. After all, our conversations often go something like this:

Me: So, bro. I'm calling to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. Are you enjoying a luscious pile of lovely pressies, to be followed by a slap up meal out with the missus?
The Prof: Well, I'm hoping to get all of Silas Marner read this afternoon. And then, if I've time, I'll make a few notes on my Dubliners lectures.

I don't think he was joking. Who jokes about Silas Marner? But, wait. I'm not being fair. He really is very funny indeed. Not sure?  Try this. See what I mean?

I've had an amzing reaction to my post Short Happens. Thank you! So amazing I'm thinking of founding The Society Of Small Scrappers (motto: We're Tall Inside). Let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

At 5'1" (no idea what that is in metric), I would totally be a member of your society! :) (just a wave hi from another of Shimelle's class takers).


Claire said...

I'm only 5'3", DH puts things in cupboards he's knows I can't reach!!! Count me in.
thanks for stopping by my blog, see you in class

scrappyjacky said...

Well I could certanly join....I'm only 5'3"....so why are both my daughters nearly 6'....tower above me....and pat me on the head when they have to reach things for me.

Julie Kirk said...

At 5'2" I'm in. Coincidentally I just made note of a phrase in the Umberto Eco novel I was reading at lunch today ...perhaps it can be our second motto?

"Be much, but seem little."


deb said...

Can I join please? I'm 5' 1" so I qualify easily! Maybe we should be the 'Society for the Small - but perfectly formed - super scrappers'

helena said...

I'm 5'3" so I'm in. Last week in the supermarket an even shorter, white haired lady asked me to reach something for her on the top shelf. I turned round and my (tall) friend was bent double laughing at the idea I would be asked to be the tall person

Anonymous said...

I`m in. And I`m getting shorter:)
And I love your short writing style.
Maybe I have something to learn here?

Meg said...

My brother is a lawyer, also reads a good 300 books a year, and whenever he posts to his blog, I have to use a dictionary. But, he too, is a good guy. And I'll join your society! (5'3" here)

Anna said...

Well, I'm feeling tall at 5'6" but you'd better save me a place in the society as I'm shrinking at the rate of an inch per annum!
Am loving your elliptical style. Lots.

PS. My father was a Tall One. 6'7" !

sharyncarlson said...

LOL - I absolutely love your writing style!

Angela said...

Sian, your blog is very funny. I'll be popping back regularly for witty updates!

Jan said...

I've enjoyed your post about your brother; I too am an English instructor. I teach high school and college level courses.
Yep, I'm 5'4 and could join this club as well.

Tinkertaylor said...

Can I join 5'2" cardmaker? thanks for saying hello on my blog

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