Monday 30 November 2009

17 Again

Welcome! Welcome! I hope you had a good time at Laura's. When I got a chance to join in the 17 Again Blog Train, I just couldn't resist. I've been thinking about being 17 ever since I started blogging; because it's probably the last time I really wrote anything for fun. And I was writing - everything the school magazine could offer me, scraps of ideas on dog eared bits of paper, funny poems for friends' birthday cards, bad teenage poetry. The lot. The week after I turned 17 I left my little country town for a 3 week exchange trip to the US; and as I was boarding the bus, a reporter arrived from the local paper. He was very young, very new to the job, and very, very keen to impress. We started talking; and I asked him lots of journalism-related questions which he answered with all the in depth knowledge a week on the job had to offer. We talked some more. And a bit more. And he asked me to look him up when I got back. When he'd have 3 more weeks to tell me about. I didn't, of course. I was 17. What can I say? You move on. You know how it is. I still see him around, though. Actually, that's not quite true. Really, I see him on TV. Almost any night something important is happening in the news. I've watched him in a flak jacket in Basra; and in the finest suit money can buy, reporting from outside the White House. He's done very, very well. Because it turns out he was a real journalist after all.

But I'm kind of slipping off the subject a bit. I need to go back again. And oh! how I enjoy a little look back. I loved being 17 and I'd happily slip back there for a while if I could. It wouldn't be the same, of course. Not now that I've tasted the future. What I really mean, I think, is that I'd like to take another look simply because I know my family would be waiting for me when I returned. I think they know this. I hope they do.

So, this is what I looked like when I was 17. Oh, you want to know what year we're in? If I must, then. Let's go back to 1983 and see what my world was filled with then:

  • My hair colour is: completely my own
  • My hair style: has a mind of its own
  • My favourite brand of make-up: "make-up? I don't think so young lady"
  • My fashionable item is: lots of bright, plastic jewellery
  • I drive a: Opel Kadett
  • On a Saturday I go: into town to hang round the record shop
  • Mon-Fri I go: to the Study Room. Unless I get thrown out for talking.
  • My favourite place to go out is: The Club Royal
  • My favourite subject at school is: History
  • When I grow up I want to be: In Charge
  • My favourite drink is: Instant Nescafe
  • My favourite food is: Vesta pack beef curry
  • My favourite band is Aztec Camera
  • My favourite tv is: Black Adder The First and Blockbusters (I'll have a P please Bob)
  • I wish I could visit: Pompeii
  • My favourite sport: Me? You're having a laugh.
  • I recently saw: Risky Business. 4 times.
  • I am reading Cal by Bernard MacLaverty
  • In the news: the final Delorean cars rolling off the production line
  • My best friends are: inside doing their homework. I'll do mine in the morning before assembly.
  • One thing I want to do but can't: Rule The World
I think that just about covers it. If you've had enough of the 80's, grab your ticket. I'm sending you back to 1976 now as you stop off at Beverley's. Me? I'll be there in a minute. I don't think I'm ready to leave the 80's just yet. See you in a bit.

Today I'm Loving..Spending time with the same friend I loved spending time with in 1983. It doesn't get much better than that, really. Does it? See you on Wednesday Dr.K!

Oh, one final thing: A couple of would -be Edinburgh Rock makers have asked me for imperial/metric measures: 1lb or 450g or 2 cups sugar. 3/8 pint or 200ml or 3/4 cup water. Enjoy!


scrappyjacky said...

Love the LO,Sian.....and some things never change....Blackadder lasts forever.....but personally I don't think I liked being 17 very glad you did.

Liberty :) said...

Amazing layout! lovely story about the journalist!

JO SOWERBY said...


Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Sian,
what a great layout! I love the circles and spray ink.
And to be 17 again - I graduated from High School that year and went off to college.
1978 was great -maybe I should have joined this blog train afterall.

Jools said...

Great LO, I've yet to do mine. Tomorrow maybe?

Ah, Blackadder and Blockbusters. Takes me back. Great post Sian.

Gennifer said...

Thanks for sharing... I'm loving this blog train!

Nadine said...

I feel like we're a generation apart!
(oh, wait, we are!) I like how the
circles in your layout coordinates
with the patterned paper (:

Abi said...

Ah I love your answers, thanks for your comment, the blog train is awesome. Your so right, it will be amazing to look back on my answers later on! thanks for sharing! xxxx Abi

Jay said...

Great LO. I love Blackadder too. Back to the train. See you

humel said...

lol - love your answers, love your layout :-)

(Still can't believe you were 17 that long ago though - did you skip out the 90s?)

Becky said...

Great layout! I agree with you about the sport lol!

Micayla said...

Gorgeous layout and I love your answers!

debs14 said...

I love your style of writing, your posts always make me smilel.
Great answers -
All these youngsters enjoying the 80s and 90s, I feel quite ancient!

sharyncarlson said...

Great story about the journalist, and great list to. I always enjoy reading your posts!

Helen Overton said...

What a great layout and the journaling on your post made me laugh :)

Christy said...

We must have had the same friends! Mine always did their homework, and I usually copied or did it on the way to school! lol

Amy said...

I love your 'When I grow up' ... Blackadder is pretty funny - still, today.

MarleneMAZ said...

Very cool, did not know about this 17 again thing. It does bring back memories even though I was passed 17 when you were 17 :)

Anonymous said...

Sian - Great answers! I want to go back and rethink mine now!

Laura :)

Beverly said...

as always, Sian I adore your wriring style!

MonicaB said...

I always enjoy reading your blog! The 80s were something special!

Angela said...

Oh Sian, I think I know who the journalist is! Great post

ceruleanblue said...

Oooh, you're such a rebel Sian doing your homework before assembly ;)

Love your LO, really creative:)

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

What a great idea for a scrapbook page! I know this was for a blog hop, but I like the questions so much, I think I may borrow them sometime!

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