Sunday 27 October 2013

What to Scrapbook When There's Nothing to Scrapbook: Storytelling Sunday Edition

Last Sunday of the month? Traditionally that means it's my cue to remind everyone that next week is the first Sunday, then; and Storytelling Sunday. We're moving swiftly towards the end of the year and Pick Your Precious will be finishing up in December: so that's two more chances to tell us your story!

Usually I have a quick suggestion or two....for November I have a whole list. It's a companion to What to Scrapbook About When There's Nothing to Scrapbook About, but this time with the emphasis on "the precious". People, places and things you'd rather not have to do without; and I hope you'll find something here if you feel like a bit of inspiration to take you to the end of the year.
Or beyond...

  • If you won the lottery, who is the first person you would spend some money on and why?
  • If you only had one book to read for the rest of your life, which would it be?
  • If you had to choose one thing you owned - only one - to pass on in your will, what would that thing be?
  • If you were packing to move house, what would get the most bubble wrap?
  • Something you often want to put your hand out and touch as you pass it
  • One store cupboard item you make sure you are never without
  • The most thoughtful birthday or wedding gift you ever received
  • Something you brought from your childhood home
  • The Christmas present you have held on to and appreciated for the longest time
  • Something you wish you hadn't thrown out by accident
  • Something you are delighted that you recycled or gave a new lease of life to
  • Start your story with "I tried it and I liked it.."
  • What meal do you ask for or make for yourself as a birthday treat?
  • Ten things to make you smile, beginning with P. Go.
  • Has anyone ever surprised you by bringing out something you made or gave them any years ago?
  • Favourite thing you have made by yourself. Ever.
  • A book, movie or game you always recommend - maybe it isn't your true favourite, maybe it's the one you think everyone will love
  • A skill you would like to possess and how you would use it
  • Your favourite cheap treat
  • The first person you phone for advice and why
There it is. Pin it, print it out, pass it on, use it to help you Pick Your Precious..and then come back and tell us your story for Storytelling Sunday next week. See you there?

ps..a big thank you to everyone who hopped over to my Five Ideas post at Shimelle's and left a comment. A bit of encouragement is always much appreciated!


  1. What a brilliant list! There is enough here to keep one scrapbooking for half a year :).

  2. Ooh, I love all of these ideas! I feel a few mini-books coming on :)

  3. after reading your list the cogs are turning :)

  4. Such a great list, I've got things already going around my head :)

  5. Going through the list I was compiling items along the way ... this could be dangerous!

  6. That is a fantastic list :)

  7. I enjoyed catching up with you this morning. This is a fabulous list. I was out of inspiration (but certainly not precious things) last month. Perhaps this will get me going for Sunday.

  8. Oh! One of these prompts reminded me of a certain precious. I just hope I have photos because they were a gift to others

  9. This is a brilliant list I am definitely pinning it for reference… great ideas for scrapbook pages too! Thank you Sian!

  10. I missed November's storytelling Sunday but, thanks to your list, I have a couple of ideas for December. Thanks for putting this list together!


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